“Yumi’s Cells” is the K-Drama that has had everyone praising both its live-action element and cute animation.

The drama has a star-studded cast including Kim GoEun (who plays Kim YuMi), Ahn BoHyun (who plays Goo Woong), Lee YuBi (who plays Ruby), Park JiHyun (who plays Seo SaeYi), SHINee’s MinHo (who plays WooGi), and GOT7’s Park JinYoung (who plays Yoo Babi). 

“Yumi’s Cells” is the relatable story of Kim YuMi and her ordinary life as an office worker. However, her emotions are conveyed to us through the perspective of the cells in her head. It is originally based on a webtoon, written by Lee DongGeon, that can be read here

Although the webtoon and K-Drama are not exactly the same, none of the differences drastically change the story. However, you might find some of the differences interesting.

So, here is a randomly ordered list of 5 differences between the “Yumi’s Cells” K-Drama and the webtoon.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of the K-Drama and episodes 1-27 of the webtoon.

1. How we meet the cells

 5 Differences Between The "Yumi's Cells" Drama And Webtoon

We meet the cells immediately in the webtoon. Whereas, in the K-Drama we first enter YuMi’s thoughts through a narration. We then get to meet the cells later and enter the world of YuMi’s cell village (her mind).

2. How Ruby and WooGi end up drinking alone together

In the webtoon, Ruby and WooGi meet with a bunch of people then end up being the only ones left and having a drink together. In the K-Drama, they each get canceled on and it ends up being just the two of them. YuMi sees them together through a social media post.

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In the webtoon, when Ruby uploads the social media post of her and WooGi together, the cells also analyze the situation more deeply. They check details down to the number of chicken pieces left and what it means in terms of how long Ruby and WooGi will hang out together. In the drama, they don’t go into that much detail.

3. Difference in cell characters

There are many cells in the webtoon that were not mentioned in the K-Drama. These include (pictured below from left to right) Racing Cell which is in charge of how quickly YuMi does things, the True Intention Cell which deals with YuMi’s true intentions, the Courtesy Cell which always tries to do the courteous thing, and the Confidence Cell which tries to give YuMi confidence boosts.

Some cells are even parts of a team with a certain purpose. These include (pictured below from left to right) the Answer Solution Team that makes responses for YuMi depending on the situation (instead of the Automated Response Doll in the drama) and the Alcohol Detoxing Team. 

There are also parts of YuMi’s village that exist in the webtoon but haven’t been mentioned yet in the K-Drama. Like the Lung Center where the cells operate her lungs.

4. YuMi and WooGi’s first date

In both the webtoon and the drama, YuMi and WooGi end up going to the flower festival as just the two of them. However, the date goes completely differently.

In the webtoon, there is no chase scene when Ruby spots YuMi going on the date. In fact, Ruby arrives after YuMi and WooGi have already met up.

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The date between YuMi and WooGi also goes a lot smoother with her even making physical contact and rubbing some sunscreen on his face. 

Then, Ruby meets them on the tail-end of their date and the three of them end up going drinking together. Ruby ends up drinking so much that she even sleeps over at YuMi’s house.

5. Ruby’s cells and backstory

 5 Differences Between The "Yumi's Cells" Drama And Webtoon

The sleepover is where we actually learn Ruby’s backstory through her cell. It turns out that her personality is the result of a bad break-up that she had, where her Love Cell (who can’t hide her feelings) became merged with her Liar Cell (who doesn’t take any nonsense).

After they merged, they became the Actress Cell (Ruby’s Prime Cell), which is the annoying persona that Ruby has in the drama, too. In the K-Drama, we haven’t met any of Ruby’s cells yet. 

These are only a few of the differences that we’ve spotted. 

Have you spotted any other differences between the drama and the webtoon for “Yumi’s Cells”? Let us know in the comments below!

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