“Unicorn” is a comedic drama about the CEO of a start-up company, “McComb” and the crew that keeps the business afloat.

The leads in the drama are Shin HaKyun and Won JinA.

Actor Shin HaKyun has had major roles in the dramas “Beyond Evil”, “Soul Mechanic”, “Less Than Evil”, and “Pied Piper.”

Actress Won JinA has appeared in the dramas “Hellbound”, “She Would Never Know”, “Melting Me Softly”, “Life”, and “Just Between Lovers.”

The collaboration between director Kim HyeYoung (“Be Melodramatic”) and writer Yoo ByungJae (“SNL”) comedically unravels the reality of K-startups, which moves back and forth between reality and expectations. 

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Unicorn (2022)

coupang play



Title: Unicorn / Yunikon / 유니콘

Director: Kim HyeYoung

Writer: Yoo ByungJae

Network: Coupang Play

Runtime: From August 26, 2022

# of Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy

Language: Korean



“Unicorn” depicts the struggle of a K-startup “McComb” in great chaos between the CEO, Steve, and his employees.



“Unicorn” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

coupang play

Shin HaKyun as Steve

Steve is the CEO and mastermind behind the start-up company “McComb.” He lacks common sense and has a pretentious personality.


“Unicorn” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Won JinA Instagram

Won JinA as Ashley 

Ashley is part of the crew who works at the start-up “McComb.” She is responsible for cleaning up the messes that Steve, the CEO, creates. 


Teaser & Posters

Here is one of the teasers.

Here are the official posters.

“Unicorn” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

coupang play

“Unicorn” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

coupang play

“Unicorn” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

coupang play


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