Webtoon author Yaongyi shared which K-pop stars recently inspired her for her webtoon characters.

On April 13, Yaongyi from the popular webtoon series “True Beauty” guest-starred on the episode of MBC’s talk show “Radio Star.”

During the show, Yaongyi mentioned that she always tries to stay on top of the latest trends, so she can incorporate them into her designs.

In order to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, she also revealed that she often takes inspiration from famous K-pop stars.

'True Beauty' Webtoon Writer Reveals She Was Inspired By Wonyoung's Other Idols

Yaongyi explained: “New webtoon episodes are released every week. So I try to reflect the trends at that time. When it comes to character clothing and makeup, I frequently use idols as a reference. »

'True Beauty' Webtoon Author Reveals She Was Inspired by Idols

When asked which K-pop stars she has her eye on these days, Yaongyi replied, “Jang Won Young (IVE’s Wonyoung) and SULLYOON (NMIXX’s). they are both so beautiful. »

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