“This Romance Is Irresistible” is an awaited JTBC romance drama.

SF9’s RoWoon and Cho BoAh are in talks to be the leads. ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo was also considering the role according to news releases in August.

Cho BoAh started her acting career when she was only 21, and since acted in a lot of K-Dramas such as “Forest” (2020), “Tale of the Nine Tailed” (2020) and more recently “Military Prosecutor Doberman” (2022). As a popular actress, fans can’t wait to see her new project.

SF9’s RoWoon is a popular acting idol who gained attention for his good acting skills through “Extraordinary You” (2019), “She Would Never Know” (2021), “The King’s Affection” (2021) and “Tomorrow” (2022). Fans are looking forward to this couple’s chemistry on screen.

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This Romance Is Irresistible (2023) 

Cho BoAh Instagram / FNC



Title: This Romance Is Irresistible / This Relationship Is Force Majeur / Irresistible Love / Yeonaeneun Bulgahangryeol / 이 연애는 불가항력

Director: Nam KiHoon

Writer: Noh JiSul

Network: JTBC

Runtime: From 2023

# of Episodes: –

Genre: Law, Romance, Fantasy

Language: Korean



It is about a forbidden book found by a woman that was sealed 300 years ago, and a man who became the victim of the forbidden book.



"This Romance Is Irresistible" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary

Cho BoAh Instagram

Cho BoAh (in talks) as Lee HongJo

A ninth-grade civil servant working in general administration. She’s quite a lonely person, no man is good enough regarding their profession, personality, or physic. She’s also a troubleshooter, a person with a personality who takes the lead in reckless complaints.


"This Romance Is Irresistible" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary


SF9’s RoWoon (in talks) as Jang ShinWoo 

A lawyer who is a legal advisor in the city government. He is noticeable by many because of his good image, he speaks well and has an upright behavior that most people admire about him. He’s also part of a sports team, but he will be caught up in an unexpected event that will change his life when he’ll be entangled in a scandal due to the curse that has continued since the Joseon Dynasty.


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