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“The World You Are Missing” is a teen fantasy romance drama in which national Idol Yoo JeBi, who has been suffering from malicious online comments, falls into a romance novel and realizes the meaning of a new life.

The leads in the drama are woo!ah!’s Nana, CIX’s HyunSuk, and EPEX’s Keum.

woo!ah!’s Nana has most recently appeared in the dramas “Best Mistake 3”, “No Going Back Romance”, and will also be starring in the web drama “Mimicus.” 

CIX’s HyunSuk also appeared in the drama “Best Mistake 3” and will take on his second leading role in this drama. 

Finally, EPEX member Keum appeared in “Best Mistake 2” and “Best Mistake 3.” 

A production team member said, “This drama shows the reality of teenagers who are defenselessly exposed to media contents such as malicious comments, cyber bullying, and SNS addiction.”

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The World You Are Missing (2022)

“The World You Are Missing” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

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Title: The World You Are Missing / Nega Ppajin Segye / 네가 빠진 세계 

Director: Son YeEun, Kim BoRa

Writer: Shin SoYoung

Network: EBS

Runtime: From 2022 

# of Episodes:

Genre: Romance, Youth, Fantasy

Language: Korean


“The World You Are Missing” is a youth romance drama about Idol Yoo JeBi, who falls into a romance novel and learns about the meaning of love and life.


“The World You Are Missing” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

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woo!ah!’s Nana as Yoo JeBi

Yoo JeBi is a top Idol with a wild imagination and lively personality. The public loves her in reality but at the same time, she suffers from excessive attention and malicious online comments.

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She immerses herself in the world of web novels, where she usually finds comfort. But one day she falls into the world of a novel and gets tangled in a different dimension. 

“The World You Are Missing” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

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CIX’s HyunSuk as JinWoo

JinWoo possesses great beauty and is friendly. He has fallen for Yoo JeBi and will reveal a secret he has hidden from her.

“The World You Are Missing” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

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EPEX’s Keum as Shin HanSe

Shin HanSe is full of cuteness and charm. Unlike other women, Yoo JeBi doesn’t fall for HanSe’s alluring charm, making him like her even more. He will play an essential role in helping JeBi return to reality from the world of the novel.

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