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Cheon Lisa is a child star, very quickly considered a genius actress.

At 20, the one who embodies the ideal young girl and who is promised a very great future as an actress, will one day find herself involved in a drug story. It does not take more for all those who once supported and idolized her to turn against her on social networks.
Found guilty, Cheon Lisa vows to quit the entertainment business and never act again.

But 4 years later, haters and other fans have not forgotten his face or this drug affair. Can Cheon Lisa still hope to lead a normal life? What is this rumor going around about his comeback? And who is Oh Do Won, the popular actor everyone is talking about who seems to upset Cheon Lisa?

To better understand, let ‘s go back in time, when Cheon Lisa was in high school with Oh Do Won and the little model girl…wasn’t as perfect as  we thought! (Source Nautiljon)  

My opinion:  This webtoon plunges us into the world of entertainment with our heroine who has been in the spotlight since her childhood. We follow her in her setbacks within this industry.

The story is not that simple and plunges us into the dark secrets of our heroine’s private life through her mother and her relationship with others.
Some decisions will cause harmful effects on each other and create dark situations. We will thus follow our heroine and her entourage.
The webtoon takes us from surprise to surprise.

I really appreciated that we were immersed in the world of entertainment and behind the scenes where everything is not good or rosy. But also to be immersed in the universe of a drama shoot.
I liked seeing our heroine fall to the bottom of the hole and try to climb back up.
I enjoyed the characters that revolve around

There is also romance. In the first chapters, she was very present for my greatest happiness then she was relegated almost to the third level and that did not bother me.
The webtoon men all end up being pushed into the background to let our heroine explode in all her glory and that’s awesome!
Finally, I was on the team that wanted the heroine to end up with no one. At first I wanted her to end with Do Won then with Jeya but in the end with no one. Has my wish been granted? You will find out by reading the webtoon.

When I saw that there were only 3 episodes left, I couldn’t believe it and I thought to myself, what is it going to end? It’s not possible. How is it possible :'(

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I found the ending quite fast, we completed a story but I had the impression that it was not enough. Fortunately, there were 4 epilogue chapters to end it all in style. The first epilogue chapter announces the color to us: We will see new scenes from one of the first plots of the webtoon and then discover what becomes of the protagonists. I was eager to find out what they had become and I found the unpublished scenes of the old plot very long :'( I was eager to reach its conclusion, it lasted more than one chapter.  

I liked the last epilogue and I loved the ending image. I think that concludes the webtoon well.

Regarding the characters alongside Cheon Lisa we have:
– Oh Do Won a star who once was in the same class as her. Has he remained the same person as before? A character that has a great evolution in webtoon.
– Jojo, member of a k-pop group who dragged Lisa into this drug story, but why? Sometimes we hate him, sometimes we pity him.
– Jeya who is also in the same group of Jojo and who appreciates Lisa very much for him, he is a model. He will find himself torn between his friendship for Jojo and his budding friendship for Lisa as the two hate each other. A kind and adorable character. A beautiful story of friendship also with Jojo. He makes us laugh with his exchanges with Lisa.
– Ha Kyung, a not very talented actress, we appreciate her more for her looks than for her acting. She will be jealous of Lisa but the evolution of their relationship is beautiful to follow.
– The director who wants to give Lisa a second chance and who seems to know her mother.
– Lisa’s mother enigmatic character. Did she love her daughter or did she just see in her the actress she couldn’t become and did she use her?
– Ye Yeo Myung an adored and very popular actor. Who is he really? A character full of mystery.

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