On September 15, the Republic of Suriname expressed their dissatisfaction with the Netflix Original Korean Drama “Narco Saintsfor ‘tarnishing’ the country’s image, even threatening legal action.

Also known as The Accidental Narco or Surinam, the drama Narco-Saints was created by director Yoon Jong-Bin. It is based on a true story.

Suriname threatened Korean drama “Narco-Saints” with legal action

Narcos-Saints features a mostly male cast led by Ha Jung-Woo, Hwang Jung-Min, Park Hae-Soo, Jo Woo-Jin, and Chang Chen. The female lead is held by the very popular Choo Ja-Hyun who also plays in another Netflix drama, Little Women.

According to the Surinamese government website, the country’s foreign minister, Albert Ramdin, said on the 14th that he would consider filing a lawsuit against the production house of “Narco-Saints”.

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The minister said that even though it is a South Korean mafia, the drama describes his country as a “drug den”, which is different from reality.

He said he plans not only to take legal action against the production house but also to file a protest with the South Korean government through its ambassador.

Suriname threatened Korean drama Narco-Saints with legal action

The Surinamese foreign minister stressed that freedom of expression is important but that there are limits and that his country does not participate in this kind of trafficking.

An official from the Korean Foreign Ministry shared that the protest message from the Republic of Suriname has not yet been sent to the Korean government.

Suriname threatened Korean drama “Narco-Saints” with legal action

Narco-Saints tells the story of Kang In-Gu, a Korean entrepreneur who recently embarked on a business in Suriname, South America, where he finds himself trapped by local drug lord Jeon Yo-Hwan, in a situation that will force him to collaborate at the risk of his life with the National Intelligence Service of South Korea to bring him down.

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Narco-Saints-true story

Narco-Saints is based on a true story of a real drug lord. He was smuggling drugs from South America to European countries using Koreans as carriers.

Jo is said to have established a drug smuggling and supply chain in the 1990s. Between 2004 and 2005, Jo smuggled approximately 48.5 kilograms of cocaine into European countries. The value of the package is estimated at at least 160 billion won (138 million euros).

Suriname threatened Korean drama “Narco-Saints” with legal action

Jo hired several Koreans to act as transporters to smuggle the drugs and paid them 4-5 million won for each trip. Law enforcement arrested Jo in 2009 in Brazil.

He was deported to South Korea and charged with smuggling cocaine from South America to Europe using Koreans as carriers in 2011.

The drama was released on September 9 and ranked in the Top 5 of the worldwide weekly ranking of non-English-language TV series by the American streaming service Netflix.

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