“Roommates Of Poongduck 304” is a BL romance drama that follows the life of HoJoon, a chaebol who will have to prove he can be a hard worker to his father, and JaeYoon, the owner of Poongduck villa, who will have to live and work with HoJoon.

This is just one of the many BL dramas coming out this year. Check out the list of BL dramas being released in 2022 here. 

The leads in the drama are Kim JiWoong and Yoon SeoBin, who also starred as the leads in the BL drama “Kissable Lips”.

Kim JiWoong debuted as an idol (former INX member under the stage name JiNam, pre-debuted group B.I.T and former ATEEN member under the stage name King) and debuted as an actor in the drama “The Sweet Blood”. He has also appeared in the drama “Don’t Lie, RaHee”.

Former Producer X 101 contestant Yoon SeoBin has appeared in the dramas “Not Found Love”, “The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning” and “Touch Me If You Can.” 

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Roommates Of Poongduck 304 (2022)

Idol Romance



Title: Roomates of Poongduck 304 / Pungdeokbilla 304houi Sajeong / 풍덕빌라 304호의 사정

Director: Teddy Hwang

Writer: Noh KaJung

Network: Idol Romance

Runtime: From October 2022

# of Episodes: 8

Genre: BL, Romance

Language: Korean



“Roommates of Poongduck 304” follows the story of a privileged chaebol, HoJoon as he is kicked out of his house until he can prove to his father that he can work hard, and JaeYoon, the owner of Poongduck villa and an employee at the same company as HoJoon.



“Roommates Of Poongduck 304” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Idol Romance

Kim JiWoong as Ji HoJoon

HoJoon has good looks and comes from extravagant wealth. He is a third-generation chaebol who only causes accidents every day. After causing too much trouble he must live on his own and work for the family company.

He moves into Poongduck villa with the landlord, JaeYoon who constantly gets on his nerves. He later finds out that JaeYoon is a new intern at HoJoon’s family company and looks forward to making trouble for him.


“Roommates Of Poongduck 304” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Idol Romance

Yoon SeoBin as Seo JaeYoon

JaeYoon is an intern at Geumnam Group. He has a warm appearance and a strong personality. He saved money and became the owner of Poongduck villa. There will be a spare room at the villa, so he decided to find a roommate, but some rich guy with unreasonable expectations moves in instead.

Their uncomfortable cohabitation begins and something unexpected happens to him… JaeYoon’s roommate HoJoon is actually JaeYoon’s boss. At home, HoJoon acts out but at the company, he seems totally dark.


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“Roommates Of Poongduck 304” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Idol Romance


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