Xia Lin is an underrated actress who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. However, the only one who is compatible with her to do a bone marrow transplant is the inaccessible and powerful businessman Ling Yi Zhou. The latter, after hearing Xia Lin’s request accepts, but sets a strange condition: Xia Lin must marry him.

Naihe boss wants to marry me / Naihe boss wants to marry me 

China  From 01/17/2019 to 02/14/2019  20 Episodes (45 minutes)

Sohu TV – MGTV  Romantic Comedy – Romance


Xu Kai Cheng : Ling Yi Zhou Wang Shuang : Xia Lin

Yi Bai Chen  : Chu Yan

 Chen Xin Ru  : Yang Tong Huang Qian Shuo  : Wen Li Kiwi Shang  : Yin Shuang Shuang

Liu Jia Xi : Jia Fei Sun Jia Qi : An Ran Yang Hao Ming : Nan Jin Tian

Well Intended Love is a drama that I had been warmly advised, promising me a very beautiful romance so I took advantage of my bad cold to start watching it… Frankly, the first episodes of this drama really thrilled, I would even say that I swallowed them with greed because I was hooked on the couple who had a very, very good chemistry. However, a revelation in the middle of the drama breaks the myth of the perfect beautiful couple and the pretty romance switches to a much more gloomy and disturbing tone. Besides, the entire story of the drama darkens with bad guys who take power and set up more diabolical plans than the others. In short, a drama clearly in two parts in which I was never bored, however, I must admit… I’ll tell you more.

My opinion on WELL INTENDED LOVE (Chinese drama)

The story

During the first episode we meet a young woman who is desperately trying to make a name for herself as an actress without really succeeding. However one day following a malaise, she goes to the hospital and discovers that she has… leukemia. Disease which, according to the doctor, can only be cured by a donation from a compatible donor who refuses to cooperate. This one then decides to do everything to convince him, but here it is, he is the great CEO of a company and he does not seem to want to consider his case at all. Finally after many attempts they reach a strange agreement: in exchange for his gift, she will have to marry him.

Usual marriage contract without love , I nevertheless had the pleasure of discovering an attentive and benevolent hero with the heroine who, without doing too much, takes care of her. And really, even if we were moving away from the idea that I had made of this marriage, I was delighted because our main couple exuded a very beautiful chemistry and shared cute and touching moments. In short, I was totally with this couple. And then in the 10 or 11th episode I believe (but we already suspected something following a little teaser of the hero) we learn THE news that will make me totally change my mind about the handsome and kind Mr Ling… In fact SPOIL he created our heroine’s illness from scratch to force her to marry him……… /SPOILCan we sit down for two minutes and analyze this information? I was so shocked by the cruelty, selfishness and violence of this method that I simply couldn’t see the couple, and especially the hero, in the same way. Shattered my beautiful romance . And the WORST is that I knew full well that the scriptwriters were going to do everything to make the hero pitiful for us and so that his act seemed less serious to us than it was. Indeed the heroine SPOIL ended up forgiving him after having resisted a little /SPOIL but me… I no longer managed to see the couple the same and I even started to have a good big second lead syndrome … Too bad all of this.

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However, and I have to admit it, it has so many twists and turns that we don’t have time to get bored and that despite all my anger (and yet I thought about it)… impossible to give up on this drama. I was way too curious about supporting characters like Nan Jin Tian to let the drama down despite my disappointment. Besides, I must admit that when I started Well Intended Love, I was far from imagining that I was going to discover a darker universe than announced on paper because we go beyond the simple romantic comedy. lambda for my greatest happiness.

To catch up a bit we have a very cute secondary romance that brings a real breath of fresh air to the drama, softening the story along the way.

There are a lot of clichés like for example the rich man and the poor woman, the loss of memory (my god I saw it coming from miles away and I was like ”  they won’t do this to us?!  ” and yes, but hey, it went pretty well in the plot) and a whole bunch of others… I want to denounce the dubbing that I found a little offbeat and not always successful, the acting that could be brilliant kinda mediocre…

My opinion on WELL INTENDED LOVE (Chinese drama)


Our hero, Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kai Cheng) , is a character that I found complex and quite well written. I was delighted to see this actor discovered last year in a secondary role in my favorite Chinese drama: The Love Knot. He pulls it off very well and gives us a control freak character who doesn’t know how to love. During the first episode I clearly had a crush on this charismatic hero, who could be both severe and gentle and who really took care of our heroine. We were far from the cold and distant stereotype that we are too often served. Too bad we have to find out that he’s actually a real psychopath. Because yes the drama defends us so well that in the end we could almost forget how serious his actions are, but personally… impossible to give up. He still admits to SPOIL having stalked heroin for two years and having manipulated his medical file until he made him believe that his bone marrow donation was going to die /SPOIL.

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Nice surprise on the other hand with Xia Lin (Wang Shuang) who has a lot of character and does not intend to use her Cinderella status to succeed. She clearly wants to advance her career on her own without getting help from anyone and she’s a heroine who shows a lot of character and resourcefulness. When she has an idea in her head, it’s hard to take it away from her.

Of all the drama, and after finishing this storyline, Chu Yan (Yi Bai Chen) is definitely my favorite character. If at first glance it seems in the first episodes he appears as a boastful, immature and arrogant starlet, under his air of small moth really hides a character with a big heart on whom the other protagonists will be able to count.

 Although I was a little skeptical, I’m glad the writers SPOIL him a potential girlfriend in the last quarter of the drama because he’s clearly a character who deserved his own romance / SPOIL I found on the other hand that SPOIL his relationship with his father was changing far too quickly and that the realization of him with such a drastic personality change was quite unbelievable. I was happy about it because I didn’t want Chu Yan to suffer anymore… but I really couldn’t believe it. SPOILERS

Nan Jin Tian (Yang Hao Ming) is a character that I liked very much and it is in large part for him that I finished the drama. His story of revenge intrigued me a lot and what is quite amusing is that the first thing that caught my attention on this character was the captivating voice of the actor who gave him a crazy charisma. From the start, we suspect that this character is manipulating the heroine and that he has terrible plans in mind, but he is a character who will only really find his place in the second half of the drama, for my greatest pleasure. since I didn’t want to see the main couple anymore ahahahah

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An Ran (Sun Jia Qi) is the archetypal insufferable secondary female character. She only exists to put a spoke in the wheels of the couple and is not even capable of developing her own plans. She is therefore jealous, possessive, selfish, mean and stupid on top of that. They could have at least grafted him a little savvy or some extenuating circumstances.

My opinion on WELL INTENDED LOVE (Chinese drama)


The last episodes surprised me a lot since a secondary character, Nan Jin Tian , ​​suddenly takes up a lot of space, almost eclipsing the main couple and the atmosphere of the drama becomes much darker. The masks of the characters fall one after the other and we will be disappointed even with the SPOIL mother of our hero who I would never have suspected of being able to betray her son… / SPOIL that was a bit much for me.

In conclusion… I don’t understand why this drama has been so acclaimed. Many of you have spoken to me about it and advised me to see it, but personally I am far from being as enthusiastic as the majority precisely because of this toxic relationship that our hero has with what he intends to be. of love. While in the first ten episodes we had a pretty, pure and tender romance, the famous revelation came, for me in any case, to completely shatter the image I had of this couple and I admit having completely abandoned all support for their relationship. Impossible for me to hear, understand or forgive. And I hate even more the fact that the writers sell this whole story in a way that the viewer accepts things as they are.I find that for young female audiences it’s selling a very ugly image of what a woman has to accept in the name of love.

It seems that there is a season 2 planned for 2020, but personally, I found the story already so dense that I don’t see what we could add to it.

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