Uncontrollably Fond  is a South Korean television series starring Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy. It aired on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 KST from July 6 to September 8, 2016.

While the audience ratings for the drama fell below expectations locally, it was well-received across Asia. In China, it streamed on Youku simultaneously with South Korea’s broadcast and has reached more than 4 billion cumulative views then, making it the site’s most viewed Korean drama.


Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) were classmates who were separated during their teenage years due to an ill-fated relationship, but later meet each other in adulthood. Shin Joon-young is now a top actor-singer while Noh Eul is a documentary producer.

Noh Eul had a tough childhood; her father died in a hit-and-run prompting Noh Eul to quit school and make a living for herself and her brother. Shin Joon-young, on the other hand, had his life planned out for him. His mother wanted him to become a prosecutor to follow the footsteps of his estranged father, but an incident caused him to quit law school and become a singer-actor.

The two later reunite when Noh Eul is tasked to film Shin Joon-young’s documentary after telling the producer that wanted to shoot the documentary that she can persuade him for giving consent to shoot the documentary. Joon-young initially gives Noh Eul a miserable time before finally agreeing to do the documentary and eventually tries to win her heart back.

Review : by akoishida (Link)

I just finished this drama and I wanted to make a review since it left me with some of the most extremely mixed feelings I’ve had on a drama in a while.

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This drama had so much wrong with it. Mainly, it was trope city.

The leads spent the majority of the drama running in circles. First Noeul was uninterested, then Joonyoung got noble. Their chemistry was also questionable to me (not sure what others think of this).

Personally, I was disinterested in the entire murder/chaebol plotline. It felt entirely unnecessary to me despite being the center of the plot (Congressman Choi’s character was interesting albeit inconsistent though). I won’t lie, I skipped around heavily for scenes surrounding this plot, especially later on when my patience totally ran out.

There were also some blatant plotholes. First, Jitae finds out about Joonyoung’s terminal illness and basically has no reaction. I have to say I was really confused and disappointed by that. Also, did I miss something, or did we never find out the exact reason HOW joonyoung’s illness got leaked to the press? Joonyoung’s celebrity status itself was a bit… well I don’t think every aspect of being a celebrity was accurately represented.

These few holes were the only ones I can think of while writing this but I’m positive there are more.

Joonyoung’s illness was the most polarizing part of this show. It was extremely fascinating and emotional, but at the same time it was handled very oddly and unrealistically. In my opinion, a drama like Time (which admittedly had tons of its own problems) did a better job at portraying a terminally ill man especially towards the end when the illness is at its most extreme. Joonyoung’s death was handled beautifully though and I’m thankful for that. We had enough crying before he died.

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Despite the issues, I found myself really emotionally invested. There is something to be said about that in this story. I haven’t cried, like legitimately shed tears, over a drama in a long time, but that happened to me here. Not even during the saddest moments, but in some of those bittersweet moments.

Kim Woobin’s acting really impressed me. I’d almost say it blew me away! The pure complexity of his emotions was portrayed so well on his face- the helplessness, sadness, pain. He played a character who got treated absolutely horribly by everyone around him and he remained the most positive version of himself possible throughout. Yet the emotional wounds still showed.

Personally, I didn’t have much of an issue with Suzy’s acting but I know that was a problem for a lot of people. I thought she did a pretty good job and most of the issues were just her character’s writing.

My conclusion: in spite of all the problems this drama had, in spite of all the ways it frustrated me and disappointed me, I cannot deny just how profoundly it effected me emotionally, especially at the end. I have to consider that in my rating, which raises it higher.

final rating- 5/10 (btw this may seem harsh but for me it is an ok rating- I feel like people don’t use enough numbers out of a 10 point rating system so I try to remember there are 10 whole points and rate dramas using the whole system)

What did you think of uncontrollably fond?

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