Synopsis:  This drama is based on the webcomic Tomorrow by Ra Ma.

Choi Jun Woong is a young man looking for a job. A graduate of a prestigious university, he still struggles to find a job.
One night, after an accident, he meets two angels of death: Koo Ryeon and Lim Ryung Gu. Both are part of a crisis management team whose mission is to rescue suicidal people of which Gu Ryeon is the leader and Lim Ryung Gu, one of the members. Following this meeting, Choi Jun Woong joins their team. (Summary from Nautiljon)

Distribution :

  • Kim Hee Seon : Koo Ryeon 
  • Ro Woon : Choi Jun Woong 
  • Lee Soo Hyuk : Park Joong Gil 
  • Yun Ji On : Lim Ryung Gu 
  • Kim Hae Sook : King of Heaven

Good points :

  • The worlbuilding:  We understand that it reflects human society (change in clothing style according to the times, new technologies) and it is interesting to see in the end that the mowers imitate the lifestyle of humans.
Tomorrow star Yoon Ji-on reveals he wasn't satisfied with his acting in the  series
  • The team:  I liked the group cohesion that forms with the arrival of the human/trainee/whatever maknae. Jun Woong brings the dose of levity that his colleagues need, but also a point of view other than that of mowers in post for centuries. The trio of characters and the actors fit perfectly!

Negative points :

  • Too light treatment of themes: The drama has episodic stories that deal with suicide with, in the background, a red thread. This is where I said to myself that reading the webtoon would have been more pleasant to follow these stories. Some conclusions were far too… simplistic? naive? tearful? The approach was very frontal and I sometimes found it hard to believe that the problems that tortured suicidal people were solved so quickly. The drama wanted to tackle so many different themes that some had less impact than others.
Tomorrow (2022)
  • The imbalance between red thread and episodic stories:  At the end of episode 8, I wondered why the scriptwriters did not give more material to work on the members of the Risk Management Team or the other mowers. The epilogues were cool but I’m also not happy with how they were used (mostly Lee Soo Hyuk’s screen time). It’s a shame that the drama failed to give a bit more insight into Koo Ryeon’s past in a more dispersed way. I had the feeling that the director and the screenwriters threw the backstory at once without bringing it more subtly. 
  • Worldbuilding:  I put the same thing in the positive and the negative! We don’t show the afterlife as much as I would have imagined. A little more worldbuilding would have been welcome because there was potential!
Tomorrow (2022)
  • Characters left out: I won’t dwell on this point. Lee Soo Hyuk had to sign a modeling contract instead of an acting contract for this drama because he literally parades on screen with his 2-minute scenes (well, they get longer later!). Park Joon Gil was interesting thanks to the charisma of the actor and the staff must have known it for having chosen him. The other choice that comes to mind is Lim Ryung Gu. I find him more erased than the leader and the maknae of his team. Despite the episode dedicated to him, he mostly stays in the background. I would have liked to know this character better.

Conclusion :

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I found it friendly with good ideas and don’t regret having seen it, but its flaws mean that it’s not a favourite

5/5 - (1 vote)

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