Today’s Webtoon Korean Drama

Network: SBS Viki ViuTV

Episodes: 16

Genre:  Business, Comedy, Life, Drama

Airing: Jul 29, 2022 – Sep 17, 2022

Aired Day:  Friday, Saturday

Grade: A

Today’s Webtoon Korean Drama is about a woman who left her career as a judo player and join Webtoon company as a webtoon editor. She fights all odds together with her team to make them the best in that industry.

Main Characters:

Kim Se-jeong as On Ma-eum

She was a Judo player who has won many medals but gave up because of an incident. Now she works as an editor for a webtoon department. Instead of being a contract employee, she gave her best. She is a foodie, always motivated with different ears.

Choi Daniel as Seok Ji-hyung

Today's Webtoon Korean Drama

He is deputy editor and mentor of On Ma-eum, while working he seems professional but when he is the outside office he Cracks jokes and enjoys like others. He always forgets where he did Park the car.

Nam Yoon-su as Goo Jun-yeong

Today's Webtoon Korean Drama

He is a colleague of On Ma-eum who has more knowledge and degrees than her. He was working hard enough and doesn’t know how to do better than he is doing right now.

Highlights of the Today’s Webtoon Korean Drama

She Got Job:

She quit judo and worked as part timer one day she worked as a bodyguard at a function conducted webtoon department. Then she decided to work with the same company. She applied but didn’t pass through the last round but after three months she got a call to join in for one year on contractual bases.

Doing Her Best:

Today's Webtoon Korean Drama

Knowing she was on a contractual basis she was working hard and also giving solutions to the problems of webtoon artists. And I think Goo Jun-yeong already started having feelings for her.


Today's Webtoon Korean Drama Review (2022)

After getting the job she is hiding from her father because her father wanted her to do judo but she didn’t want to go back to do judo. She is enjoying life as a producer and helping rookie as well as experienced artists to do better.

My First Artist:

She saw the talent in a naive boy and started working with him and he gave the best webtoon. He was suffering mentally because of some past trauma and she helped her to get over it.

Team Is About To Disband:

Today's Webtoon

Manager at a higher position trying his best to disband the current team to acquire another webtoon team for his benefit. But as a team, they are taking a risk and trying their best to save their team. Before working at Neon whole team worked at Gingertoon but they were forced to close that company and now everyone works together to accept one Goo Jun-yeong’s sisters because she died.

Overall Thoughts on Today’s Webtoon Korean Drama

Intailly I wasn’t sure if I will suggest you watch it but now I can say is just go for it. One lesson you are gonna take away is to be truthful about your work and stay passionate.

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