Thirty-Nine is a 2022 South Korean television series directed by Kim Sang-ho and starring Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do and Kim Ji-hyun. This series revolves around the life, friendship, romance and love of three friends, who are about to turn 40 years old. It premiered on JTBC on February 16, 2022 and aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST) for 12 episodes. It is available for streaming on Netflix.

The last episode of the series logged its highest ratings of 8.1% national wide. Additionally it featured in Global Top 10 weekly list of the most-watched international Netflix TV shows for 4 weeks as of April 3.

" Thirty-Nine " chronicles the lives and romances of three friends about to turn 40. Cha Mi Jo is a woman who grew up in a wealthy environment and had everything she wanted. She is now in charge of the dermatology department of a clinic in Gangnam. Jung Chan Young dreamed of becoming an actress, however, today she is a drama teacher. Although she may seem like a roughneck, the sincerity of her words makes her an impossible character to hate. Jang Joo Hee is the manager of a large cosmetics store. Because of her shyness, she has never dated anyone yet.

 At first, I have to admit, the synopsis didn’t appeal to me, but the recent articles I’ve seen on the subject have finally piqued my curiosity.

To tell you the truth, in fact I like it a lot. This drama is more mature than most of what we usually see. For example, one of the couples is formed from the second episode.

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The main pair

Son Ye Jin plays a warm and caring dermatologist, Cha Mi Jo. She is a girl who is mature, 39 years old, but who has always suffered from a situation experienced in her childhood and she listens to others.

I really liked the acting of the 3 actresses. Son Ye Jin is playing very well as usual. I also liked the acting and the point of view of Jeon Mi Do, in the role of Jung Chan Young. She is strong and courageous and instead of feeling sorry for herself she spends her time doing things for her friends and family.

The story

We feel that the story is not based on romance which gives it a background strength. We tell a story, that of the friendship between these beautiful girls and then, in the background we will have romance, friendships etc… and that’s really good.

The point of view of the drama is quite different and suddenly we do not have the same eternal clichés in which the romances systematically fall.

These are suddenly lighter and much more pleasant to follow. I really like the concept. Until the end this drama is touching in many ways. To see when you are well.

In conclusion

It’s a drama that I really liked because of its point of view oriented on something other than romance. A magnificent friendship between these three girls and beautiful moments but also moments full of emotion.

A not-to-be-missed drama that you can watch over and over again on Netflix.


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