Away from heated courtrooms, The Law Cafe bridges inspiring lessons about humanity with the law.

Oftentimes, legal services seem out of reach and intimidating. However, with the protagonist’s initiative to create a safe space to discuss it, people are reminded of their rights and the law’s role in their daily problems.

  • Main Cast: Lee Seung Gi | Lee Se Young
  • Supporting Cast: Oh Dong Min | Kim Seul Gi | Kim Nam Hee | Ahn Dong Goo | Kim Do Hoon | Jo Han Chul
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The Law Cafe Finale Highlights

“If he’s someone that you want by your side during life’s happy moments as well as sad and hard moments, he’s the one.”

Recovering in the hospital after being stabbed, Jung-ho apologizes to Yu-ri, saying he’ll understand if she didn’t want to see him again. However, Yu-ri becomes more certain of her feelings for him.

Jung-ho’s parents argue in the hospital as well as Se-yeon and Jin-gi. Witnessing those, Yu-ri reads what qualifies for judicial divorce even though Se-yeon says she wasn’t serious about getting a divorce.

In an attempt to mend their situations, Yu-ri drags Yeon-ju and Se-yeon to go shopping, but nothing gets fixed.

Although still kept a secret by Se-yeon, Jung-ho tells Jin-gi how his mom insulted Se-yeon. Apologizing on his mom’s behalf and giving Se-yeon reassurance, Jin-gi and Se-yeon make up. 

Meanwhile, Yu-ri suggests tying Jung-ho’s parents up. Handcuffed together, the two end up speaking their minds and unintentionally hug each other. As a resolution, they mutually agree to live apart for the while because of the guilt they feel. 

Yu-ri’s mom explains to her that marriage is all about experiencing changes together. Moved by what her mother said, Yu-ri instantly gets up ready to tell Jung-ho she’s ready to marry him.

“Nothing humans do can be perfect, so we also have to be the ones who make up for those mistakes.”

Agreeing to marry each other, Yu-ri asks Jung-ho to think about his life with and without her. She asks him to find his passion in life. Recruited back to the prosecution, Jung-ho tells his colleagues he’s not going back even though his father is no longer there.

Visiting Lee Pyun-woong in prison, Yu-ri answers his question about hating the law. Coming to a conclusion, Yu-ri tells him instead of hating the law, she hates people like him who want easy answers. With that, she asks him to find a more expensive lawyer to defend him and walk out. Although taunted, Jung-ho keeps calm and tells him he no longer wants to get his hands dirty.

Carefully thinking about his career path, Jung-ho chooses not to go back to being a prosecutor. Instead, he becomes a lawyer together with Yu-ri in the law cafe. 

Joon also learns from Jung-ho’s advice on taking time to think about his career path. In his interview with Hwang & Goo, Joon states all his learnings from working in the cafe. Feeling familiar with Joon’s answers, Mr. Hwang realizes they already met on the golf course. 

The night before the wedding, Jung-ho invites his father even with everything that happened. Jung-ho and Yu-ri’s wedding proceeds even though there is a storm, with their parents, past clients, and friends all attending.

Continuing to run the law cafe, Jung-ho is labeled spicy for his objective advice and Yu-ri as mild for her empathizing nature. All in one building, the law cafe shares clients with the psychiatric clinic and detective agency. In the end, Jung-ho and Yu-ri film a video advertising the law cafe.

the law cafe

The Law Cafe Quick Plot Recap

No longer a prosecutor, Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung Gi) who is now a novel author and landlord, meets again his crush for 17 years, Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se Young) after suddenly disappearing from her.

As the building owner, Jung-ho tries his best to avoid Yu-ri, but fails to do so. From working at the big law firm Hwang & Goo, Yu-ri opens up a law cafe at Jung-ho’s building. In there, they sell coffee and provide legal advice.

Despite learning about the truth of her father’s death and the involvement of Jung-ho’s family in that case, the two still find love.

The Law Cafe Series Peak Points

Diverse Range of Cases Tackled

Every episode offers a different case, and viewers may bring with them takeaway lessons from the cases covered in the law cafe.

Be it land disputes, workplace harassment, arson, inheritance, or bullying, the law cafe has various issues decked in its cases handled.

Given that the cafe primarily aids its clients before matters are taken to court, heartwarming resolutions bring ease to tense issues.

the law cafe

Refreshing Mindset and Career Path in Life

Intelligent and excellently performing as law practitioners, Yu-ri and Jung-ho choose different paths in life. Though they are both capable of climbing up the ladder in their old jobs, the two prefer a life where they help people using their expertise.

Like Joon who is still deciding on his career path, Jung-ho’s life with multiple streams of income being a landlord, author, and lawyer may be inspiring. There’s no single answer in life, and this drama offers that comforting perspective on life.

the law cafe

Clear Attack on Malpractices of Corporations

Malpractices of people in power are called out in this drama beginning with the story about the factory fire, disregard of safety standards, and lobbying for bills that would benefit the company or avoid punishment.

The detrimental consequences of irresponsible people of power are emphasized, especially when Jung-ho persuaded Lee Pyun-woong’s assistant.

All that he said about collapsing buildings, sinking ships, and risking children’s health is evident in today’s society, which raises more awareness among uninterested people.

the law cafe

The Law Cafe Series Musings

Rather than being invested in the romance that this drama offers, the various cases offered in every episode were more captivating. Traversing in the main plot, the backstory of Jung-ho’s influential family could have also been given more light.

Introducing a strong-headed female character like Yu-ri, the premise was interesting. Each episode also maintained its mellow yet clear attack on workplace safety, harassment, abuse, bullying, and other relevant issues in today’s society.

the law cafe

Dohan Construction is only used as a representation of corporations that use the law to their advantage. Through the brief depictions of how the judiciary, conglomerates, and media hide each other’s dirt, viewers are reminded of real tragedies that occurred because of their corruption.

The delivery of how large-scale corruption and malpractices damage a wide range of populations was clear throughout the episodes. Moreover, the way that message was delivered is commendable since it was made to be understood in a non-intimidating way by the general public.

Like a friend introduced in a welcoming environment, this drama will be remembered for its refreshing business model and mindset. The Law Cafe, which also embraces a non-traditional path may inspire viewers to also creatively flourish in their own chosen careers or vocations.

the law cafe

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