Stock Struck Korean Drama

Network: tvN

Episodes: 12 (45 min each)

Genre:   Business, Comedy, Life, Drama

Airing: Aug 12, 2022 – Sep 16, 2022

Aired Day:  Friday

Grade: B

Stock Struck Korean drama is about how people who need money started investing in stocks while doing that they face various ups and downs then they find a mentor. Will investing in stocks carefully make them rich??

Main Characters:

Han Ji Eun as Yoo Mi Seo

She works at a store as a sales girl because of her talent she sells million worth of products to any customer. Along with that, she delivered food as a part-time job.

Hong Jong Hyun as Choi Sun Woo

Stock Struck Korean Drama Review (2022)

He previously works for the stock company and now working part-time at a departmental store.

Jang Gwang as Jang Gwang

Stock Struck Korean Drama Review (2022)

He is a retired English teacher who lives with his wife and has dreams of becoming rich.

Jung Moon Sung as Kang San

He enjoyed his life however he wants to But after the death of his mother, he came back to Korea and wanted to earn money. As of now, he is living in Jang Gwang’s house.

Kim Sun Young as Jeong Haeng Ja

Stock Struck Korean Drama Review (2022)

She runs a restaurant and her nickname is Veronica.

Highlights of The Stock Struck Korean Drama

End of Marriage:

After listening to her friend’s advice Yoo Mi Seo decided to invest in stocks. She invested all the money she saved for buying a house before marriage and because of her foolishness and lack of knowledge she lost a huge sum in that. So his boyfriend broke up with her.


Stock Struck

Each one of them is facing an issue in money so they got an opportunity to meet a school-going kid who made 600% plus profit by investing in stocks. So he didn’t tell them the name of stocks to invest in but gave them advice on how to select a stock to buy, when to sell it, how to explore the market, etc.



Everyone I struggling in there owns life they have their problems but after investing in stocks it wasn’t easy for them because it was all a new experience for them but they overcome it by gaining more knowledge, and guidance experience.

New Hope:

Choi Sun Woo was good at stocks from childhood so he decided to join a company in the same domain but after attening failure, he started feeling nausia after seeing the stock chart. So when he met Yoo Mi Seo he saw a light of hope may be he try he can overcome that fear and start doing what he likes.

Overall Thoughts on The Stock Struck Korean Drama

I do not recommend this drama to everyone but yes if you love investing in stocks and don’t know how to start then this drama can help a bit. In this drama, you will learn the basics of investing along with some romance and lots of comedy.

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