Snowdrop is a South Korean television series starring Jung Hae-in, Jisoo, Yoo In-na, Jang Seung-jo, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-yoon, and Jung Yoo-jin. It aired on JTBC from December 18, 2021, to January 30, 2022, every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST) for 16 episodes.


Snowdrop takes place in 1987, a pivotal year in South Korean history that included the June 1987 Democracy Movement, a mass protest movement with the purpose of forcing the dictatorship in South Korea to hold fair elections, and the resulting December 1987 democratic elections, which led to the end of the authoritarian Fifth Republic of Korea and the establishment of the democratic Sixth Republic of Korea.

Snowdrop is set in November and December 1987. Lim Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in) plays a graduate student who is found covered in blood by Eun Yeong-ro (Jisoo), a female university student and hides him from the government in her dorm room. However, it is revealed that Soo-ho is not who he appears to be. Against the backdrop of political upheaval, the pair’s story unfolds and the two develop a romantic relationship.

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Spoilers ahead.

I didn’t think I was going to find another drama that will take the place of my all-time favourites alongside Crash Landing on You and Reply 1988. But it has happened. Another drama has captured my consciousness and taken over my heart.
It is of course Snowdrop. Devastatingly beautiful exploration of human psychology, layered complex characters, innocent and pure love that cannot be, it has it all.

This is not a very structured review – just some of my thoughts and feelings about the drama.


The OST is beautiful and perfectly captures the mood of the drama. Even more than the songs the BGM and the 80s music used in the drama is hauntingly beautiful. It made me deep dive into Korean music from the 80s and that stuff is too good. Young Ro and Soo Ho’s theme (aka Snowdrop) is just my new personal anthem. It’s transcending.

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Jung Hae In’s best performance till date. Absolute perfection. He is too good in this drama; his micro expressions were so perfect and his eyes, so expressive! The scene where he is relieved because Eun Chang is fine after being treated for his head injury, Hae In’s acting is most excellent. We, the audience, know at all times what’s going on in Soo Ho’s mind because of JHI’s excellent eye acting. And that black t-shirt look! I can’t be the only one mesmerized by his arms and neck 🙈! Would love to see JHI in a wide range of roles that will showcase his talent. I really hope he gets the recognition he deserves for this performance.

The actor playing Lee Gang Mu also did a good job and a shout to the bromance. When SH calls him ‘Hyung’ in episode 16, so emotional.
Jisoo did an overall good job; perhaps a little green around the edges in the emotional scenes but her energy is pure and she brings a lot of warmth and cuteness to Young Ro. And her chemistry with Hae In is undeniable. Those two lit up the screen with their collective energy.
Yoo In Na’s performance is also good and wow she did a low-key confession in the midst of utter chaos, bold or buffoon!
Strong performance from the rest of the ensemble cast.

Dialogue break
YR: Then what’s your name?
LSH: …I am Lim Soo Ho
YR: …As in ‘protecting my love’
Fast forward to episode 16 – he died protecting his love.

Favourite episode

My favourite episode is episode 11 for obvious reasons. Watched the last 10 minutes multiple times. The few romantic scenes they have together are just so incredibly moving and heart-wrenching. Hae In and Jisoo are too cute together.


I knew in episode one when Bun Ok asked for Romeo and Juliet that it was some sort of warning for the viewers about the kind of ending we would get. In hindsight the choice of the song ‘one way ticket’ is also foreshadowing perhaps.
Also when Soo Ho turned his bike back to the dorm gate and gave her the necklace that is supposed to keep HIM safe – I had an inkling that would prove crucial later in the drama.
Was there anything other obvious foreshadowing that you guys noticed?

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The strength of the screenplay lies in its presentation of duality which exists in our lives, hope and destruction, love and hate, changing of loyalty and priority, courage and cowardice, power and love, ghosts of the past and promise of the future. And it keeps us guessing with lots of twists and turns and we are tenterhooks because we don’t always know if people’s intentions are good or bad.

Their story started with that fateful tape he gave her in episode 1. Their story ended when he gave her another tape in episode 16. The story came full circle.


How he must have hardened his heart when he was leaving the dorm in episode 15. Some brilliant direction there where we only see SooHo’s back after he walks out on the roof terrace and stops for a bit. Also we had a similar scene with Young Ro in episode 2 when she got jealous because SuHo admitted the necklace was from a woman.
Overall the mood and surrounding of the 80s were done very well and it was shot beautifully.

Not so great

I found the Wives of Important People rather ridiculous and mostly pointless.
Episode length could have been shorter and perhaps we got some repetition because it needed to be 16 episodes.
A couple of scenes were a bit too melodramatic and could have just been omitted – LSH saving Black Tiger in Germany and LSH’s connection with Choi Su Ryeong.
Some plot holes which have been discussed in the on air posts.

Other musings

Both of their confessions were just so touching. And confessing over audio cassette is just so quintessentially 80s. Loved it. The fact that he didn’t give her the tape when he left the dorm because he had hoped to be alive but gave it to her right at the end, just heart-breaking.
Sometimes I think my life problems are stress inducing but boy compared to the constant dilemmas that Suho faces they are nothing! Maybe I will take up paper plane making as a way to cope with stress!

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Was it love? Was it more than love? I know a sad ending was unavoidable but I desperately wish they had just a little bit longer to love. Just a little bit.

The way he says Young Ro-ya – it just melts my heart. And when he stopped that bike to go back and give her the necklace after Open House – total swoon.

Post Snowdrop

I do not exaggerate when I say I cannot move on from this drama. I am in that bittersweet zone where I cannot get over the sadness of the drama but also just so happy that it was such a good drama. I kind of don’t want to get over it; the OST is on loop so glad the full album is out already; I have watched all the BTS videos which are super fun. Just want to surround myself with all things Snowdrop. I sort of regret not taking part in the on air discussions on this sub but I also know I could not have have waited week after week to watch this drama.
I have drama trauma after Snowdrop and haven’t been able to watch another drama yet. The tears were real even though I knew the ending beforehand.


The drama name hits different when you realise what Snowdrops signify and if anyone is wondering why is the drama name so.
Snowdrops’ amazing ability to bloom even in icy temperatures has made the flower come to symbolize rebirth, hope and resilience. It’s also the birth flower for January and signifies starting the new year on a clean slate.Snowdrops’ pure white colour represents sympathy and innocence and can be offered to show your condolences. (source: internet)

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