South Korea 2017  20 EPISODES(60 minutes)

KBS2  Historical – Melodrama – Romance

Yeon Woo Jin : Lee Yeok / Le roi Jeong Jong

Lee Dong Geon as Lee Yung / King Yeonsangun

Park Min Young : Sin Chae Gyeong / La reine Dan Gyeong

Wow… I write this review with a lot of emotions. This drama was a series that I had abandoned for no reason for more than a year and that I decided to resume… full of remorse. The worst thing is that by restarting it from scratch, by being a spectator of these first 8 episodes a second time, I almost didn’t manage to fast forward as I had originally planned. Queen for Seven Days is a drama that engages you and thrills you from the first episodes with vibrant characters and a hopeless love triangle.

QUEEN FOR 7 DAYS (Korean drama)

The story

You have to go back in time, to the time of Joseon to meet Lee Yeok, Lee Yung and Sin Chae Gyeong. The young king Lee Yung feels threatened by his little brother, who had been designated by his father, before his death, as the heir to the throne. Chae Gyeong is the daughter of a noble family who will befriend the two heirs.

However, due to certain circumstances, Lee Yeok is sent to exile and is left for dead during it. 

5 years later, Lee Yeok, who survived painfully, returns with the idea of ​​taking revenge on his brother.

Very quickly we are immersed in this rivalry for power between these two brothers . If basic, Lee Yeok has absolutely no intention of seizing the throne and would only like to live peacefully in the palace with his brother, he must undergo, day after day, the anger and mistrust of the latter who does not manages to trust no one. And, through miscommunication, numerous misunderstandings and…worse still, when they fall in love with the same woman…war seems inevitable.

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The romance is undeniably the center of the story and plunges us into a painful love triangle full of rivalry and regret. The love between CHAE GYEONG and LEE YEOK is of a purity and sincerity that gave me shivers at times… the main couple offers us scenes full of intensity and emotions like the one where, horrified, our heroine discovers her lover’s body covered with scars and closes her eyes crying to be able to touch them… I resented the story so much for making them suffer like this because, even if their destiny was base announced as a source of great tragedy… EVERY episode seems to want to separate them at the expense of their unconditional love.

And then… the king’s intense love for our heroine leads him to thoughtless acts and very deep destructive suffering. In short, this romance is hard and it hurts.

Political conspiracies, galore, reversals of situations, tender moments, intensity, smiles, tears, friendship, romance, war… everything is there in this drama which made me go through a million contradictory emotions and made me cry a lot throughout its viewing… In addition, the production, the images and the music are magnificent…

QUEEN FOR 7 DAYS (Korean drama)


SHIN CHAE GYEONG(PARK MIN YOUNG) is a female character as I like them. Despite her noble status, she was raised in the countryside, far from her parents following a prophecy made when she was a baby and of which she has absolutely no knowledge. And this education away from the rich allowed him to develop his qualities and his big heart. When we meet her for the first time, she massages the belly of a constipated donkey to relieve it and then returns home covered in earth and excrement. With her funny accent and her country manners, I immediately liked her bright and caring personality. And then, when it is necessary to help someone, she will always be the first, even if it means meddling in the affairs of others and attracting problems in return. When you meet her again as an adult… she hasn’t changed:

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Our hero, LEE YEOK(YEON WOO JIN) is an equally endearing character. Although he is the prince of the nation, he always wanders around the town and, with his friends, plays a whole lot of pranks. Finally he just behaves like a normal kid of his age. His suffering vis-à-vis his brother who constantly pushes him away and his clumsiness in communicating with him really hurt my heart. I so wanted these two to be able to sit quietly and tell each other what they needed to say. When we find him as an adult, when he has taken on a new identity and returns with the aim of getting revenge on his brother whom he believes responsible for his assassination attempt… he is a broken man. His survival after the excruciating injuries he had suffered was full of agony, of pain and resentment. The scene in particular where he has a nightmare and collapses out of bed without being able to get up except with his stick had touched me so much… He who had never been interested in power is forced to come and steal and, pushed by all these people who believe in him, finds himself totally trapped without being able to retreat.

Our King LEE YUNG(LEE DONG GEON) is a character who suffers. Unlike our two other protagonists who, I think, have all the same had moments of happiness scattered in this drama, I have the impression that hers can be counted on the fingers of one hand and are only linked to our heroine , hence his love for her since she is the only person who manages to humanize him. This character who does not however have a basic evil background will, to the son of the drama, switch into a kind of murderous fury because of his lack of self-confidence and out of resentment towards a father who had told him that he would lead the kingdom to its loss if it became king. When I think about it, it was ultimately his prediction that led to all this massacre… like sometimes it would be better to keep quiet. In short,

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QUEEN FOR 7 DAYS (Korean drama)


The more the episodes progressed, the more the story rose crescendo and the tragic fate of our trio intensified. I was so scared of this ending to see our characters suffer even more. SPOILER in the end, despite the tragic death of our heroine’s parents and the sacrifice of our poor Seo No, I find that the other characters get away with it less badly than I had expected. Which does not mean that their end is happy… our king dies during his exile… but in the arms of his brother to whom he confides one last time, and our two heroes after having been separated during all their lives find old people just before dying… An end therefore with a little happiness, but above all a lot of emotions since I really cried A LOT… / SPOIL

A drama that I therefore recommend for its tragic love triangle and for the strong emotions it gives to the viewer. Take out your box of tissues… you’re sure to cry!

5/5 - (1 vote)

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