Our Beloved Summer

Kdrama 2021 – romance, slice of life

Synopsis: Two high school students allow themselves to be filmed for a documentary during their studies. They meet again years later to film a new documentary at the request of a mutual friend… When they separated on bad terms. 

Distribution :

  •  Choi Woo Shik : Choi Woong
  • Kim Da Mi : The Best Of Gook Yeon Soo
  • Kim Sung Chul : Kim Ji Woong
  • Roh Jung Eui : NJ

Good points :

  • The main couple:  I really liked the chemistry of the actors. Maybe because they already starred in The Witch movie; Part 1? They looked very comfortable on screen and the scenes where they are seen as a couple in flashbacks are also natural. I really felt like seeing people who had been together for a while reunited.
The end of 'Our Beloved Summer'  Delights Fans With The Most Perfect Confession
  • The realization:  The colors chosen to transcribe the change in time, whether in flashbacks or in the time that passes in the story of the present, the director has taken a lot of care! We feel sweetness but also nostalgia when we watch the documentary parts. Moreover, the principle of documentary was inspired by a real documentary which followed the best of the class and another student not terrible but who had a passion for drawing!
  • Woong’s Parents:  I loved Woong’s parents who are hands on heart people who always showed their love even though Woong didn’t always feel it that way. We learn something about this family that touched me a lot and only strengthened my love for them.

Negative points :

  • Not enough Lee Jonn Hyuk or Kwak Dong Yeon:  I know it’s not a negative point but as a fan I would have liked them to have permanent roles. I almost thought that Lee Joon Hyuk was going to have a bigger role than just a cameo because we saw him a lot at the beginning haha ​​But I will find them in other dramas with more prominent roles.
Facts about Lee Joon Hyuk's Role in Drama Our Beloved Summer
  • Frustration:  I was tired of seeing the lack of communication between leads. In fact, I could criticize almost all couples in dramas because this problem is so common. Of course, they weren’t the only ones to frustrate me and it was Woong’s best friend, Ji Woong, who put the world’s woes on his shoulders. I was more frustrated because of the scriptwriter giving too much emotional baggage to one character. He and I needed to breathe during the drama.
  • Change of atmosphere in the second half:  The drama changes its tone to go into colder colors, so very far from what the title of the drama reflects to show that we are moving to a different stage of history. I liked the logic behind this change but had too many dramatic reveals for a drama I expected to be fresher and lighter. I said above that Ji Woong had emotional baggage… Woong is not left out. We understand his character better but I would have liked the drama to make fewer episodes to avoid us going through so many dramatic turns.

Conclusion :

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I liked the drama in its first half even if I was drunk at the end with the dramatic turn of events and the revelations about the past of certain characters.

5/5 - (2 votes)

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