Lee Dam is a college student who accidentally swallowed the pearl of a nine-tailed fox who was about to become human. Legend has it that when a human swallows this pearl, he can only live for one year. And if it breaks, the gumiho can no longer become a human. Following this, Shin Woo Yeo then offers Lee Dam to live with him...

How to say ? I totally fell for this drama and this from the start.

The theme of the Gumihos does not usually attract me more than that, but the main actor, yes… since Born Again, Kill it and others, I watch everything that comes out with him… and there, I am delighted… full of moments so funny as I like them.

The little main actress is very cute. I also really loved the actress who plays the other Gumihos, who seems silly, but who plays her role so well, without ever exaggerating, very natural and her budding couple who are really cute.

A real good surprise… To see absolutely.

A drama that I did not expect to like so much!

This is the first time that I have nothing to reproach for a drama. I absolutely loved it from A to Z.

Alchemy and humor are the strengths of this drama. The scenario is also catchy, there is always something going on and the fantasy is also well put forward. A real plus compared to Doom broadcast over the same period.

Nevertheless, if I really had to raise a negative point, it would be the OSTs, anyway I never like, in general, the OSTs of dramas.

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Lee Hye Ri’s solar and natural acting made me want to see his next project


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