Room for anticipation. What happens when an artificial intelligence with a beautiful appearance comes by chance into the life of a thirty-year-old woman who suffers from isolation. Is love possible with an AI? can an AI love? My holo love takes us into a romance against a backdrop of science fiction and intrigue for an invention that could turn everyday life upside down.

12-episode Korean drama from the prolific Studio Dragon for Netflix. Released in 2020.

The main cast

Yoon Hyun-min (born in 1985) who made a name for himself in the detective drama Tunnel embodies a double character, Ko Nan-do the creator of the artificial intelligence Holo to which he gave his face and Holo himself. Hacker wanted by the police for 10 years, he lives like a ghost with his adoptive sister.

Ko Sung-hee (b. 1990) plays Han So-yeon, an employee in the marketing department of an eyewear company. Following a psychological shock, she suffers from prosopagnosia which makes her unable to recognize faces including those of her own family. Hiding her illness, she leads a solitary life inside and outside of work.

Choi Yeo-jin (born in 1983) is Ko Yoo-jin, adoptive sister of Go Nan-do whom she has been hiding for years and CEO of the company which is preparing to market Holo.

Hwang Chan-sung (b. 1990), singer, is Baek Chan-seong, the son of the CEO of the competing company who is going to seek to get his hands on Holo.

A romance, science fiction. it smells like impossible love that promises intense moments of joy and sadness like the remarkable I’m not a robot . Let’s see if he’s up to it.

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My opinion 8/10

The concept of artificial intelligence as a companion is rather innovative. I’m not a robot proposed that of the company robot.

When CEO Ko Yoo-jin introduces the holo AI to investors, she attracts the attention of the competition who will seek to appropriate it altogether using violence and betrayal. A single prototype bezel allows you to see and hear Holo. As she tries to evade her pursuers, Yoo-jin will get rid of the glasses by asking Holo to choose a person on the street, and Holo will decide that the best person to protect the glasses is So-yeon. Why her among so many others? we will have to wait for the answer.

After the stupor of the discovery of Holo, So-yeon will get used to having this AI which will transform her life by brightening her moments of loneliness, helping her in her work and palliating the effects of her illness. This part is pleasant because we see her relive and succeed where her life was sad. And what we expected happens, So-yeon falls in love with Holo. This attachment produces an effect of deep sadness because she knows he is not real and that Holo is programmed to serve her best. The actress plays very well the detachment from real life to lock herself in an imaginary life.

And then to make matters worse, the creator of Holo seeks to recover the glasses, which creates an unexpected encounter ending in a kiss between Nan-do and So-yeon, the latter heavily alcoholic believing she is kissing Holo. The confusion will begin.

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Against all odds, Nan-do realizes that Holo has developed feelings for So-yeon and decides to leave her the glasses to make her a beta-tester without her knowledge and observe this surprising behavior of Holo while moving into the apartment. located right next door, in the greatest secrecy, this gives quite spicy neighborhood scenes.

There will of course be usurpation. Nan-do having to pretend to be Holo following a breakdown of it and will have to learn to react like him by being attentive to So-yeon, which is not in his nature. It’s totally improbable, how can he move, change as quickly as Holo and have such a fine knowledge, the drama passes on all these details. It’s funny but absolutely not believable.

A love triangle will ensue between So-yeon who is in love with Holo and Nan-do who falls in love with So-yeon. An insoluble triangle that has no future in which we feel sorry for these two. Nan-do is intentionally very distant and cold following a childhood trauma, Holo is by nature very caring and concerned about So-yeon’s happiness.

Ready to sacrifice his feelings, Nan-do will be overtaken by the truth about his mother’s suicide, which will affect him deeply, arousing So-yeon’s pity. This change in his personality is not sufficiently worked on and appears too abruptly. It’s a drama in 12 episodes and we had to act quickly, too quickly.

The chemistry in the couple is well done and we feel a real attraction and attention from one to the other.

The second part of the story can thus be set up with an intrigue linked to the will of the competitors to do everything possible to seize Holo, the police entering the story. Anyway, Nan-do and So-yeon have a lot to worry about.

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The special effects are very well done, allowing the two characters to be distinguished and by applying a successful transparency effect to Holo.

The secondary romance is quite successful as Baek Chan-seong gives his character, the son of a contemptuous and greedy CEO, a human dimension with a struggle between blind obedience, discernment between good and evil and budding feelings for Yoo-jin.

The OST is very good and gives intensity to the drama. Special mention for Love again

To conclude, My holo love is a good romance and science fiction drama but it’s not a favorite. Perhaps because of an overly condensed format that forces you to move quickly and therefore move quickly over the characters. We still have a good time in this drama of anticipation.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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