Synopsis:   Ma Wang an evil god lives in the king’s body and causes chaos and desolation in the land. The king decides to lock up Ma Wang. For this, a ritual must take place and Ma Wang will be locked in a picture painted by a divine painter. 

Hong Cheon Gi will be born on the evening of the ritual and his father is none other than the divine painter. She was born blind.

Nine years later, Cheong Gi will meet Ha Ram. His father also participated in the ritual. Both will become friends but will be separated.

Indeed,  Ha Ram is chosen for a ritual to bring back the rain in the country. On the day of the ritual Ma Wang is freed by Prince Ju Hyang and goes to take possession of Ha Ram’s body.

Samshin the goddess of birth will lock up and saddle Ma Wang in the body of Ha Ram which will have the effect of making him blind.

As for Cheon Gi, she regains her sight because Ma Wang’s eyes are transferred to her.

29 years later Ha Ram and Cheon Gi meet again.

Ma Wang will do anything to get out.

Destiny is on the move.

My opinion:   I fell in love with this drama except for the last 6 episodes which I found long. I had stumbled upon this drama on viki and I put it in my list without having great convictions. I ended up throwing it after the drama I had planned to start didn’t fit into my schedule, yes I have a schedule hehe.

Then big surprise, I did not know that this drama was fantastic. I love fantasy and when it’s mixed with history, it’s an explosion of joy.

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So what did I like?
– The stories of the different gods and how they mingle with humans. They all have different personalities and don’t act the same.
– I liked the evil spirit and its obsession. In terms of special effects compared to him, it’s not bad but we can do better.
– The trio formed by our heroine with two people from her painting school who help her every time.
– The world of painting and painters with pretty paintings.
– The story of the divine painter and the divine painting to be made.
– The relationship between our heroine and her father that I found touching and often it hurt my heart.
– The romance that I found sympathetic and that I liked to follow. I was happy to see their scene even if the story with the peaches ended up getting me drunk. We saw her way too much so it overdosed.

What I didn’t like:
– The last 6 episodes which were long. The characters decide to tackle the Ma Wang problem, but it takes time. 
– The romance faded towards the end. Between her who wants to save him and him who doesn’t for fear that she will be hurt. They are each on their own and do things as they please.
– The end, nothing original for the couple, it’s seen and already seen! Concerning that of the second lead it is not really an end! There is no conclusion and we seem to be moving towards another plot! I remained on my hunger for that!

What I liked moderately:
-The shaman who chooses the opposite camp without explaining to us why she is like that. But also his attitude at the end of the drama.
– The power-hungry prince who nevertheless could be interesting has a rather flat writing and his plot does not turn out to be exciting.
– The revenge of the hero who is bland.   

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Ha Ram is a kind young man who ends up being possessed by a demon and he loses his sight. Her family is killed after her father participates in the first ritual to neutralize Ma wang. He ends up wanting revenge.
He has beautiful red eyes that I couldn’t resist. I found the character touching with his blindness and how he experiences it. On the other hand, he is stubborn in wanting revenge and dismissing Cheon Gi while loving her.

Cheon Gi is a young woman born blind who adores her only parent: Her father who is losing his mind little by little. She does not let herself down. Miraculously, she regains her sight. Growing up, she does everything to have money to get medicine to treat her father. I liked his determination, his perseverance and his passion for painting. He is an open person who does not judge anyone.

Prince Yangmyung is a prince who seems a little frivolous but it is not. He made me laugh a lot at the beginning of the drama and he gives us some memorable scenes. The further the drama progresses, the more serious it becomes and understands the weight of things. I loved this character from start to finish.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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