Attention of the spoiler do you want some here, it is said!

dark romantic comedy is what immediately comes to mind! For some it is enough (Black) and for others not at all. For my part, I arrived without preconceptions or particular expectations in this story and it amazes me at every moment, I must say it.

First, we have this high-level chef who suddenly unlocks everything. He suddenly feels all the emotions of someone else. We then enter into history and we begin to discover its past. A little peculiar, I must say.

His meeting with the actress is also, to say the least, special.

But I must say that afterwards it’s even worse, all the characters are shady in this story. He returns to the town of his childhood and not one of the people who lives there seems normal.

There he realizes that she lives opposite the restaurant he has just acquired, to make it even more bizarre. Panicked after the misadventure she has just had with a guy who is not even her boyfriend, she thinks he too is a pervert who is mad at her.

In the funny family of birds in the neighborhood, these are not to be outdone… They have a lot of it and certain situations are funny, pathetic, even ridiculous, but they make you smile.

 However, the more episodes I see, the more I want to continue. This drama contains a good dose of black humor obviously and especially I really like the ost. Several times I found myself in the musical atmosphere of ”  It’s Okay to not be Okay “. I don’t really know why but the music reminds me a lot of this drama, especially the particular voice of the singer.

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One thing is certain, I can’t wait to see the unfolding of the story and the reason for this plot.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill  is no joke! His scenario is also on the small onions! His open secret? Its ultra-efficient recipe! The mixed ingredients work wonders and create a great combo! Yes, nothing better than romance, humor and mystery to satisfy even the most difficult palates!

Although there are certainly always chitterlings to be choosy! Yes, here, with  Link , we immediately put the small dishes in the big ones and the feet in the dish!

Indeed, it all starts with twins who have a somewhat special gift since one can feel the emotions of the other. Unfortunately, one of the two will disappear in his native neighborhood without leaving a trace.

Convinced of having found the kidnapper, the Ox-carrots will however draw a blank. 20 years later, his brother, who has become a true cordon-bleu chef, sets foot there again, determined to find the culprit…

But with neighbors as dodgy as each other, it won’t be easy. And to make the mayonnaise rise, this chef will begin to feel the emotions of his new neighbor. This one has no chance in love, since the last man to have grabbed her had a crayfish in the vol-au-vent. 

Moreover, the actors are like fish in water when they interpret their character, so that the alchemy is palpable from the start.

The characters of Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo seem to literally devour each other with their eyes! We have the mouth water just at the idea of ​​knowing the rest of their story. Moreover, each character is so suspicious that the viewer pedals in semolina. It’s succulent! You will have understood it, the first six episodes released conquered me, and I can only advise you to crunch it to the fullest.

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