Synopsis:   Lin An An is a shy young woman working in a grocery store while preparing for the official examination.

One day, she meets You Yuan Le and experiences adventures with him.

A few days later, she will meet him again when she accompanies her best Ye Luo Sha to sign a contract to work as a presenter on an online platform.

You Yuan Le argues with Cindy about the star of his company and Cindy misunderstands Lin An An. You Yuan Le goes to challenge Cindy and promises to make Lin An An the new star of the company and qu she will have more fans than her.

Lin An An refuses but later her grandfather falls seriously ill and she needs money for treatment. She will accept.

How will the shy and insecure Lin An An become a presenter and beat Cindy?

My opinion:   I spotted this drama by chance on viki and it intrigued me, but I didn’t put it on my list. A few months later I came across it again and watched the teaser, still haven’t put it on my list. And a year later I came across it and started it right away.

When he was talking about doing live, I don’t know why, I put it in my head that it was a story in the world of radio. I was completely wrong, it was in the entertainment platform world.
If 2/3 of the drama are exciting, the last part is very poorly managed. Twenty episodes for this type of plot could not hold up. In the last episodes, they give us two plots that came out of nowhere: One for the hero and the other for the second lead.
For the hero a family plot not very interesting despite the context and in addition his hesitation for romance is heavy and painful.
For the second lead, a story with his ex who arrives and his dream sacrificed. I lost all my motivation and I

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The drama is oriented around four axes:
– The evolution of the heroine and Cindy. The heroine is shy and has a great lack of self-confidence. We will see her learn to have confidence in herself and to put herself forward. Opposite, we have Cindy the star who was there at the beginning of the company but who ended up taking the big head and becoming a diva. Day and night between his two characters, there is a big opposition.
– Then, corporate life with its ups and downs. Financial problems. The difficulties that everyone encounters: The loss of listeners, advertising sponsors, problems of anorexia etc. A real little family is formed and everyone helps each other. A good atmosphere sets in. We follow them in their daily lives.
– Friendship. Luo Sha . They are super tight and even though they start working in the same place, they support each other and are always there for each other. There’s also a laugh-out-loud second friendship between crazy little  You Yuan Le  and cold-hearted, but straight-headed Ren Hao.
– The romance or rather the two romances. The first one is very cute. They are very cute together. You Yuan Le spends his time cheering on An An and is by his side through good times and bad. It’s just that in the last part, because of  You Yuan Le ,  the romance stagnates and becomes heavy :/
The second romance takes a long time to start but we suspect its progress and its outcome.

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draft backup kaly

An An  is an insecure young girl who one day is offered an opportunity and seizes it out of spite. In the end, she will blossom and gain self-confidence. This character is just adorable. I loved her, she’s cute as hell. We want to hug her, she is overflowing with choupisisime.

You Yuan Le  is the CEO of Lang Direct. He is overflowing with energy. He is kind and caring but sometimes lacks foresight in dealing with others. He is just annoying in the last episodes by his hesitations. 

Luo Sha  is An An’s best friend. She’s a bit of an eccentric who uses her body in her craft and isn’t shy about showing parts of it. She’s a bit crazy. But it’s nice to have such a crazy character. She is always there for An An and she never feels any jealousy towards her or fears that she will overtake her in her job.

draft backup kaly

Ren Hao  is You Yuan Le’s vice president and friend. He is very calm. He makes us laugh with his slightly stuck side and the misunderstandings that surround him.

Then we have the whole small team of Lang Direct, each crazier than the other but so endearing.

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