Action thriller drama about a professional assassin trying to find out about his mysterious past

Kim Su Hyeon is an elite killer. His identity, age and sex are unknown to everyone since he kills his targets and disappears without a trace. Su Hyeon’s goal is to find her family one day.

Do Hyeon Jin graduated from a police academy. She was the best in her class and she became an excellent detective. She is however arrogant and seems to be cold. On the other hand, she sympathizes with those who find themselves in painful situations.
Hyeon Jin is on the hunt for Su Hyeon to uncover the mystery behind her lover’s death.

  • Original title: 킬잇
  • Country: South Korea South Korea
  • Episodes: 12 x 60 min
  • Broadcast ended : from 03/23/2019 to 04/28/2019
  • Season: Winter 2019
  • Broadcaster: OCN
  • Genres: Action – Mystery – Thriller
  • Official website: Link

Review : By txc_vertigo (link)

The Good

(1) The actors were well cast for their roles. Nana does a good job at portraying detective Do Hyun Jin despite not having many dramas on her resume previously. Jang Ki Yong is perfect for the role of an emotionless assassin such as the character of Kim Soo Hyun he plays here. Noh Jung Eui is great as the orphan Kang Seulgi considering she is only 17 years old, much thanks to her already extensive list of dramas that she has acted in during the last 8 years. Lee Jae Won is also a great fit as the mischievous hacker Phillip Ahn.

(2) The actors also had some pretty good chemistry with each other. Even though there is no romance in this drama, the tension between Hyun Jin and Soo Hyun is palpable and it feels like you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. Soo Hyun and Seulgi have a interesting relationship much like that of an older brother and a younger sister despite not being related. They take care of each other in different ways and bicker with one another just like siblings do. Hyun Jin and Seulgi have a somewhat love-hate relationship to one another as they start out as enemies but after a while they grow on each other. Soo Hyun and Phillip have some bromance and banter amongst each other in one scene and are at each others neck in the next one.

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(3) “Kill It” has parallels to one of my favorite novels of the 21st century, in that one of the themes and plot line is quite similar. The novel in question is “Never Let Me Go” (2005) from the Nobel prize winning author Kazuo Ishiguro. “Never Let Me Go” touches upon the use of cloning humans in order to harvest their organs. Although “Kill It” doesn’t have any cloning but it does focus on the ethics of using test tube children for the same purpose. Much like in “Never Let Me Go”, the children that are to be harvested for their organs are kept in an institution far away from the rest of civilization. Both of the stories deals with organ harvesting, medical ethics and research ethics and asks questions about the human condition like what is the worth of a human being and whether some people have an inherently higher worth than others. I really enjoy this aspect of the drama.

The Bad

(1) The art direction and color palette of the drama is a huge let down. You know that really cool color palette of black, neon blue and neon pink that was on the poster for the show? Yea, that shows up in exactly one scene. A lot of the drama is just slathered in grey and brown going for the most generic art direction for a serious crime thriller.

(2) Probably the biggest issue is the writing of the show. This is probably due to the screenwriters Choi Myung Jin and Son Hyun Soo being brand new to writing a drama, so one can understand why the series has its writing flaws as new writers usually need time to get really good. Up until around the halfway mark of the story it isn’t too bad. However, after that is were it really starts to come apart in the seams. After half of the drama has passed too much information has already been relayed and the audience has already had almost everything revealed to them. They unraveled the plot in 6 episodes and after that we are left just watching the characters learn what we’ve already been clued in on.

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(3) Characters are introduced to have traits that are never used for anything useful. Hyun Jin is shown to be excellent at throwing darts but never uses this skill for anything other than shutting up snarky colleagues. The characters are not strongly enough written to have many different facets to them and many of the characters outside of the main cast are very one-dimensional. As a result the characters do not drive the drama forward either when the plot is stalling. None of the characters go through major character development but stay rather static during the drama, with Seulgi being the only character to grow noticeably in the drama.

(4) The alternative title for this show is Blue Eyes, indicating that they are an important part to the story. Throughout the first episode, the editing also puts a lot of emphasis on the blue eyes, making the viewer think it will lead to something integral to the story. The only real tie-in to it during the rest of the show is that we briefly learn that the blue eyes are a side effect of the artificial insemination and the test tube babies being developed in a lab. This leaves us with the pressing question of what happened to Soo Hyun’s blue eyes, as he had them when he was around 10 and he doesn’t have them at adult age. This is never answered in the show despite putting a lot of focus on the blue eyes.

(5) The dialogue is a bit lacking and it has the typical kdrama issue of having many interactions being expressed purely through stares. It’s not quite at “Twilight” (2008) level of staring but there is still too much staring and too little dialogue for my liking. Especially since some of the dialogue is pretty decent, primarily the banter between the main characters.

Score: 5,0 / 10 – The concept was really cool, the casting was good and it touches on some interesting topics but the weak writing in regards to the plot and the characters in combination with a mostly uninspired art direction makes for a slightly below average drama.

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