Having someone to connect with is not as easy as it seems, and Somebody took it to another level and gave it a sinister turn.

Directed by Jung Ji Woo and written by Han Ji Wan, Somebody explores themes of loneliness and online dating in the modern world.

  • Main Cast: Kim Young Kwang | Kang Hae Lim | Kim Yong Ji | Kim Soo Yeon
  • Supporting Cast: Choi Yoo Ha | Choo Seon Woo | Kang Ji Eun
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Somebody Quick Plot Recap

The story of Somebody follows highly talented developer Kim Sum (Kang Hae Lim). After impressing an aspiring soon-to-be CEO with an AI Chat Bot, her technology became a top-rated dating app called “Somebody.” 

Moving forward, Yun Oh (Kim Young Kwang), a serial killer, uses the application to his advantage to find his next target. One day, they accidentally matched on the Somebody app and eventually formed a strange bond. Yun Oh and Kim Sum’s lives intertwined and quickly spiraled into a twisted and deadly romance.

Somebody Series Highlights

Chilling Performance 

Kim Young Kwang plays the role of Yun Oh and delivers an outstanding performance portraying a cold-blooded serial killer. Looking forward to his murder scenes that will surely leave the viewers on the edge of their seats is expected. It has a pleasant balance of violence and gore that doesn’t seem overly dramatic.

He also nailed the spot-on blank expression with no hint of remorse during his killings. His smile, pure of joy and excitement after getting his hand dirty, will surely give you chills down your spine. 


Well-Timed Themes 

The series explores the idea of loneliness and the dangers of modern dating platforms. Additionally, the director and writers steered away from the mainstream characters and instead portrayed diverse and liberated characters.

For instance, Sum is on the autism spectrum and struggles to connect with people, Mok Won (Kim Yong Ji) is a lesbian shaman, and Gi-Eun (Kim Soo Yeon) is a disabled cop.

Similarly, Somebody did exceptional work emphasizing loneliness in the modern world through the characters craving for love and intimacy. When social interaction is limited, yearning for physical contact and genuine attention from one person becomes prevalent. Many individuals trust an unknown person in their pursuit of affection, unaware of the danger they are putting themselves in.

It is portrayed beautifully by the fateful encounter of Sum and Yun Oh, who found comfort in finding someone who understands them and makes them feel they belong in a chaotic world.


Somebody Musings

Somebody is one of those dramas that doesn’t have a complicated storyline. It is straight to the point, and the characters’ intentions are laid out in plain sight starting from the beginning. 

However, an eight-episode run is a stretch with such a straightforward plot. 

Nevertheless, the drama did well in alienating the characters in a subtle but effective way, from Sum’s vintage computer equipment despite working in a top tech firm to Yun Oh’s different taste in music. It hinted to the viewers that they are different from the rest without having to shove it in their faces. 

While watching the series, viewers should commend it for not romanticizing the portrayal of a serial killer. Despite choosing a good-looking actor for the role, the writers focused on Yun Oh’s violent and manipulative personality with a nice touch of charm and charisma.

It made the viewers see how serial killers could blend easily into society just like everyone else. Part of what made Yun Oh’s character terrifying is how easily he lured his unknowing victims by targeting their weakness — loneliness. 

Overall, Somebody’s intriguing approaches to loneliness and human’s dark side are engaging. With an outstanding cast and great performance, the actors really did give the show justice.

You should try it if you are looking for something sinister and downright terrifying to watch.


International fans can watch Somebody on Netflix.

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