Synopsis: Sim Eun Seok, an unsympathetic judge who hates juvenile delinquents, is assigned to the Juvenile Justice Department of Yeonhwa District Court. There, Eun Seok breaks custom and applies her own punishments to address the increasingly violent crimes of minors who escape all forms of serious punishment. (Summary on Nautiljon) 

Distribution :

  •  Kim Hye Soo : Sim Eun Seok
  • Kim Moo Yul : Cha Tae Ju
  • Lee Sung Min : Kang Won Jung
  • Lee Sang Hee : Joo Yeong-Sil
  • Shin Jae Hwi : Seo Beom
  • Lee Jung Eun : Na Geun Hee

Good points :

  • Treatment of the theme:   Juvenile delinquency cases are increasingly in the headlines in South Korea (mainly because of school and/or sexual harassment) and this drama clearly wants to convey a message about this social phenomenon. . I thought I would see a succession of similar cases with a clear morality about good and evil, but in the end, the drama shows more facets of the procedures put in place. The limits of justice are shown with laws and convictions that are not at all up to par with the crimes and misdemeanors committed, the rehabilitation structures put in place, the monitoring of offenders, etc. The work of the judges does not stop at the trials, there is a follow-up behind to prevent the children from starting again and that matters more to the subtlety of the drama.
11 Main Actors of Juvenile Justice Themed Drama
  • The actors:  Kim Hye Soo as a cold judge really scared me. I would not have liked to find myself in front of her in court, she was so imposing! Kim Mu Yeol comes to make a counterbalance with his interpretation of an endearing judge.
11 Main Actors of Juvenile Justice Themed Drama

Negative points :

  • A little convenient: Each judge is more or less linked to a case presented and I find it a shame to mix their personal stories. Judges are human and cannot be completely impartial, but they should not be directly involved in certain cases. So it gave scenes that easily fell into melodrama, which bores me more than anything else.
K-drama review: Juvenile Justice on Netflix – Kim Hye-soo proves an  indomitable force amid series' legal thrills and strong cast | South China  Morning Post
  • Scenes that are a little too dramatic:  I talked about it a bit in the previous point, the dramatic scenes want to attract the empathy of the spectators and the drama sometimes does too much. The theme is hard enough and doesn’t need any tear-filled scenes.
3 Things You Might Not Know About The Netflix K-Drama "Juvenile Justice"  Starring Kim HyeSoo And Kim MuYeol - Kpopmap

Conclusion :

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Despite the few melodramatic passages, I enjoyed my viewing! I didn’t expect to like this drama so much so it’s a real surprise. I recommend it to everyone !

5/5 - (1 vote)

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