Synopsis:   Chu Jiu Ling is the daughter of the former emperor. She will discover that the new emperor had assassinated to take his place on the throne. She is forced to marry Lu Yun Qi. On her wedding day, she tries to kill the emperor but fails.

She is sent to prison. Jun Zhen Zhen her best friend tries to save her but a fire breaks out. She decides to take Chu Jiu Ling’s place and dies in the flames.

Jun Zhen Zhen’s father is going to use a medical technique to make Chu Jiu Ling look like his daughter. Shortly after, he dies.

Chu Jiu Ling will live under the identity of Jun Zhen Zhen and begin his revenge while helping the people using his medical skills.

My opinion:  I started this drama for Peng Xiao Ran, the story didn’t really appeal to me. A few minutes before launching the first episode, I was all excited, a real crazy. Yes, I really like Peng Xiao Ran.
Overall, I liked the drama. There are several story arcs in the story in different locations. Jiu Ling moves a lot. For example the first arc takes place in place M, the second in W etc. She sometimes also returned to places where she had already been.

Now let’s break it all down.

Arc 1 is the one that I liked the least and I was very bored, I was afraid of not being able to hold out until the end of the drama. I thought to myself but I can’t hang on how to do it :'( In this arc two things I didn’t like:
– I had a hard time believing Zhen Zhen’s sacrifice for Jiu Ling. We are just told that they were best friends and that she owed her a debt. It doesn’t stop there. I would have liked to show their relationship through flashbacks from time to time in the drama but nothing. We do not dig this famous relationship and I remained unsatisfied. I couldn’t believe they were truly friends to the point of sacrificing each other. In addition, no one around Jiu Ling seems to know Zhen Zhen even by name even though she was her best friend. I found it not very well written.
– The second point is the turn of the scenario  Spolier Jiu Ling is going to marry cousin Zhen Zhen to unmask a villain connected to her father’s death. I thought to myself why is she doing this? How will she end up in a relationship with our hero if she is married, that means that at some point her husband will die so that she can be free? I searched the internet to find out how this marriage was going to end. Fortunately no death.  End spoiler

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The second story arc is the one I liked the most. It discusses medicine and Jiu Ling’s work as a doctor with the rich but also with the people. The story becomes very varied there. We learn things about the traditional medicine of the time and there is even something that echoes a current event. Even if the drama was filmed before, it is in perfect adequacy. I also liked that people didn’t dismiss her as a doctor when she was a woman. I kept telling myself that in Doctor Quinn it was quite the opposite. Well yes two female doctors and no in our time.
In this arc the relationships and bonds between all the characters are further deepened.

The third arc is pretty average. At times, I started to pick up again like in the first arc. Here a little too much political blah blah, story of trap against such person. I found this part to be a bit slack. Sometimes with repetitive scenes. We could see the same scene with the same protagonists repeated several times in the same episode.

The last arc is the one that moved me the most. I almost shed my little tear. How the people are welded and all the messages that are conveyed, I found it beautiful. Once again, this echoes a current event.

Let’s talk romance now. So our young lady will not be surrounded by two men who love her, but four! A whole harem just for her.
We have: The tender man, the crazy man, the nice man and the little young man. The last two made my heart ache.
The first two gentlemen were able to capture my attention, one with his tender and moving love and the other with his obsession with heroin. 

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As for the production, it was good with good sets, good costumes. Just in the last story arc some scenes, it was seen that the elements were computer graphics. Otherwise, sometimes certain costumes or sets bothered me a bit because of their quality, which I found to be a bit low-end, such as General Chen’s costume or the throne set.


Jiu Ling  is a smart and strong woman. She is even smarter than some higher ups. She is bold, courageous and generous. She thinks and implements her strategies well. Just again in the first story arc, I didn’t find what she does very clever from the beginning of the drama and it contrasts with the calm and intelligent character that we are served later.
I’m not going to spread too much with Peng Xiao Ran but it was a pleasure to see her again and she is still so magnificent in her game.

Zu Zhan  is the son of Duke Chen a great general. He spent much of his childhood on the battlefields. He knew Jiu Ling during his childhood and when he is finally ready to see her again, he finds out that she is dead. He will approach Zhen Zhen to learn more. I found this character impulsive, kind, funny and touching. Kind because he is attentive to those he loves and the people. Impulsive because he does not necessarily think before acting if the people he loves are in danger. Funny when he is jealous, Jiu Ling loves to trick him and he always falls into his trap. Touching for his love for Jiu Ling with scenes full of tears.

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Lu Yun Qi  is the head of the military guard. He is considered the king’s dog. He fell in love with Jiu Ling to the point of obsession. He’s so obsessed it’s borderline madness. Even after Jiu Ling’s death, he remains obsessed, and Zhen Zhen’s arrival isn’t going to help him. We like to hate him for his actions and his reactions. I liked the evolution of the character in the last episodes.

Ning Yun Zhao  is a scholar engaged since childhood to Zhen Zhen by contract. He will fall in love with Jiu Ling. This character is kind and upright. We know right away that he has no chance with Jiu Ling. They are both on the same wavelength, they go well together as a friend. I really liked the straightness of the character and his help to Jiu Ling. 
Ning Yun Zhao is played by Wang You Shuo, an actor I like but his character isn’t very present, it’s sad. 

Fang Cheng Yu  is Zhen Zhen’s cousin. This character is depressed, sickly and unhappy. When Jiu Ling comes into his life, she will make him another man. Jiu Ling sees him more as a little brother and he didn’t stand a chance either. He’s quite adorable and innocent as a character.

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