Justice is not always served. Insider depicts that sometimes – you must take matters into your own hands.

JTBC’s action-suspense drama Insider follows the story of a judicial trainee facing a moral dilemma while seeking justice.

  • Main Cast: Kang Ha Neul | Lee Yoo Young | Heo Sung Tae
  • Supporting Cast: Kim Sang Ho | Kang Young Seok | Choi Dae Hoon
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  • Dramas of Similar Vibes: Big Mouth | Prison Playbook 

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Insider Quick Recap

Kim Yo Han’s (Kang Ha Neul) life changes after going undercover for a criminal investigation. He infiltrates the gambling world to catch the weaknesses of corrupt prosecutors. However, he gets caught up in an unexpected incident and ends up in jail. 

At the infamous Seongju prison, desire and lawlessness coexist. This place challenges his honor and forces him to sacrifice his integrity for justice. He ends up gambling in prison which will ultimately change his fate. There, he moves as an ‘insider’ with a hidden identity and purpose to survive and plot his revenge. 

Insider Series Highlights

Realistic Characters

The drama has a way of having us sympathize with its characters, even (or maybe particularly) the morally gray ones. This drama deviates from the usual protagonist with a pure heart but will still prompt you to root for their vengeance.

Kim Yo Han

Kang Ha Neul’s acting has always been admirable, remember his adorable police country bumpkin role When The Camellia Blooms? But he’s exceeded expectations in Insider. Yo-han’s character is cautious and constantly thinks a few steps ahead. Although he finds himself in a risky situation throughout the show, he strives to survive and turn a problem into an opportunity.

Appreciating the moral ambivalence that accompanied Yo-han’s character is expected. He has endured so much pain and betrayal in such a short time that it is understandable he is already beginning to break. His desperation to protect his loved ones and to survive was notable, and the ultimate shift in his purpose was so satisfying.


Oh Soo Yeon

Lee Yoo Young effectively captures Soo Yeon’s quiet power and suppressed vulnerability. She is beautiful and intelligent and knows how to defeat her enemies by concealing a dagger under her gentle smile.

She has an excellent sense of judgment depending on the situation or opponent. Yet, when necessary, she courageously makes dangerous decisions.

The viewers will surely appreciate her unyielding stubbornness and boldness in fighting her battles. On the contrary, when she wavers, she always finds the strength to continue despite all that she has been forced to endure. That is genuine courage.

Jang Seon Oh

And, of course, the series can’t leave out Seon Oh (Kang Young Seok). Despite not being one of the main leads, he is a wonderfully flawed character. His back story will make your heart ache and help you understand why he is the way he is because of the control and abuse he experienced at a very young age.

Yo-han and Seon-oh also have such great chemistry together. For all of Sun Oh’s deceit, you would think he’d keep his feelings more tightly guarded. Instead, he’s practically vulnerable in expressing care and adoration for Yo-han.

The show did a fantastic job of progressively peeling away his layers to reveal the depth of his wit.


Insider Series Musings

Insider highlights a famous narrative of an underdog, where a person from the bottom rises to the top through sheer determination, heart, and guts. The beginning was action-packed, with just enough details to get us invested in the story and its characters.

The drama’s pacing slowed down after a certain point, and some scenes are hard to follow through. Still, the show delivered unexpected twists with satisfying payoffs. Yo-han is principled yet unpretentiously flawed, keeping the viewers hooked on his character. The storyline’s unpredictable development is distinctly engaging, and the humorous moments between the characters will have you laughing despite its dark plot. 

In addition, blood and violence are some trigger warnings that may be off-putting for some audiences. So, manage your expectations if you have a frail heart because the narrative serves a despondent mood.

Overall, it is a solid story that shows the harsh realities of social injustice and how hard it is to survive in a dysfunctional and corrupt system. Some may find Insider heavy to watch, while others may find it intriguing.

Featuring an incredible cast and top-notch acting, Insider is a drama that you may want to check out if you’re a fan of action-crime with mind-twisting storylines.

International fans can watch Insider on Disney+!

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