•  The Light of a Firefly Forest -To Hotarubi no Mori
  • Japan 09/17/ 2011 45 minutes
  • Midorikawa Yuki (Créatrice originale)
  • Omori Takahiro (director and screenwriter)
  • Drama – Romance – Supernatural
  • Animation Studio: Brains Base

This anime of only 45 minutes was profoundly beautiful . I must say that I really regret its short duration because the story would have had the potential to be further developed as the subject and the emotions are beautiful.

Hotarubi no Mori e (Japanese short film) - crush

HOTARUBI NO MORI E tells the story of a little girl, Hotaru, who, during her summer vacation with her uncle, gets lost in the forest and is approached and saved by a funny spirit named GIN . The one, although it has their appearance, must not be touched by a human… otherwise it will disappear and permanently wears a yokai mask . Between the two, will bind a very strong friendship that will grow over the summers…

The landscape images are very beautiful, the drawings of the characters a little simplistic, but the whole is very well made and the viewer is very quickly immersed in the universe and the adventure. There is a lot of poetry, sweetness and a kind of serenity emerges from HOTARUBI NO MORI E; no doubt the atmosphere of a forest protected by Japanese spirits.  In any case, between the funny pranks of the endearing HOTARU and the great mystery hiding under the mask of GIN, I can tell you that I literally devoured the anime and that I remain on my hunger after these 45 wonderful minutes.

The character of GIN touched me enormously. We discover that SPOIL was in fact a real human at birth but that his parents abandoned him in the forest. It was then the spirits living there who took him in and raised him. I didn’t quite understand how he received the power of his “immortality”, if his curse of touch, but the idea is really very beautiful. /SPOIL The fact that our two heroes cannot touch each other despite their deep attachment adds something very strong to their relationship and we have only one desire… to find a solution to this problem.

Hotarubi no Mori e (Japanese short film) - crush

It was a fan MV on youtube that made me want to see this anime and although unfortunately I was spoiled at the end, it didn’t stop me from being totally bowled over. When SPOIL we see his hand start to disappear and he opens his arms to be able to touch it before dying I… literally burst into tears hahahaha!!! Yet I knew very well what was going to happen as I had seen the fan ùv – you can imagine my state if I had not been spoiled omg /SPOIL

Too bad, however, that the writers could not SPOIL take more time to support the tragic side of GIN’s disappearance, because I found that our heroine seems to turn the page far too easily… I still remind you that she has grew up with GIN and that she dreamed of living close to him… so how to continue her life “as if nothing had happened”. But as a friend told me, maybe it’s also related to Japanese culture, their relationship to death and feelings…  /SPOIL

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