Good Job Korean Drama

Network: Viki ENA

Episodes: 12

Genre:  Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Airing: Aug 24, 2022 – Sep 29, 2022

Aired Day:  Wednesday, Thursday

Grade: A

Good Job Korean Drama is about a woman who has supervision and a man who is CEO of a big company and secretly investigating the case of her mother’s death.

Main Characters:

Jung Il-woo as Eun Seon-woo

He is living two lives one is the CEO of a company that comes from a rich family and another life is a detective who is investigating her mother’s death case. He is a genius when it comes to profiling.

Kwon Yu-ri as Don Se-ra

Good Job Korean Drama Review (2022)

A woman who is born with super vision works different part-time jobs to support her sibling from the orphanage. She is warm-hearted and quick-witted.

Highlights of The Good Job Korean Drama


All live stories start with a misunderstanding this one is no different. At first, Eun Seon-woo rides her bike to save himself because of a misunderstanding later when he was investigating in a club about a Necklace that belongs to his mother Don Se-ra thought he was a thief. It happens that Eun Seon-woo partner in crime owns the building in which Don Se-ra’s friend runs a bakery shop.


Good Job Korean Drama Review (2022)

Eun Seon-woo finds out that the necklace he was chasing is with an actress from his agency so he decided to go to her house at night and ask her about it. Don Se-ra followed him and informed the police because she thought he was there to theft but turned out that blood is all over her house and her body was missing. Everyone suspects Eun Seon-woo but Don Se-ra knows that he is innocent. They also save the actress’s secrete that is alive and hiding because of some reason.


She tried to help him but initially he resist when he came to know that she has a super vision he decided to work with her. They teamed up and together get closer to knowing the mystery behind the death of his mother. In between, he also helped her with other issues.

Tiger’s Den:

Good Job Korean Drama Review (2022)

He sent her to tiger’s den as secretary for his brother who is opposite him. He is arrogant, rude, and jealous of his brother and can do anything to bring him down. She tried her best to win his brother’s trust and take information from his phone.

Overall Thoughts on The Good Job Korean Drama

I think you should go for this drama there are many fun moments and elements in the drama. You gonna love the second lead love story. They both look cute together initially they fight a lot with each other and then after drinking they slept together after that their behavior changed towards each other.

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