Ghost Doctor is a 2022 South Korean television series directed by Boo Seong-cheol and starring Rain, Kim Bum, Uee and Son Na-eun. The series revolves around two doctors from extreme backgrounds and skills merging into one person. It premiered on tvN on January 3, 2022 and aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:30 (KST) time slot for 16 episodes. It is available for streaming on TVING, iQiyi, and Viu.


The series revolves around two doctors from extreme backgrounds, who have complete opposite personalities and medical skills: Cha Young-min (Rain) is a genius doctor and a high-skilled cardiothoracic surgeon, but is arrogant and selfish. Go Seung-tak (Kim-Bum), who although possesses excellent medical knowledge, is hindered by his fear of blood. One day, Young Min gets involved in an unexpected case, and due to this, his spirit possesses Seung-tak’s body.

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Just finished watching Ghost Doctor a while back and I knew I had to write a review for this drama. I don’t see many talking about it and it’s probably my most favorite medical drama so far, after Hospital Playlist of course!

A little backstory. I wasn’t really planning on watching this drama as of now since medical dramas aren’t my thing but I had an exam and today and I wanted to watch something that wouldn’t make me binge watch it as I prepared for the exam. But oh boy, as I finished watching every episode it became even and even better.

Now I’m aware that this definitely won’t be something that everyone would enjoy because it focuses a lot on hospital politics rather than its patients which is one thing that bothered me. But apart from this everything was amazing about the drama. Especially the BROMANCE!

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Here are things I loved about the drama:

Rain / Jung Ji-Hoon: This was my first time watching Rain in any drama though Full House and Please Come Back Mister has been on my list forever, I just never got around to watching them. But I’m so glad I watched Rain in this drama, he was just outstanding. The way he brought every emotion to life was brilliant, and can we please talk about his comic timing? It’s mind blowing! I have nothing but praise and love for Rain’s acting. He brought his character to life like no one else and also he rocked those suits!

r/KDRAMA - Ghost Doctor - A Bromantic Dose of Wholesomeness

Rain and his perfect English accent!

Ya Ko Seung-Tak!!

Kim Bum: I never start a drama for Kim Bum but it so happens I end up loving him in everything and he probably ends up becoming the reason I even end up finishing some terrible dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Tale of the Nine Tailed. It’s like Ko Seung-Tak was made for him. There were a few emotional scenes where I got goosebumps because of his acting. Also, after Lee Rang, Ko Seung-Tak is my favorite character! Never forgetting “dark-circled punk” for life! Also, just watch him smile and you’ll fall in love with him.

r/KDRAMA - Ghost Doctor - A Bromantic Dose of Wholesomeness

That million dollar smile!

Bromance, bromance and LOTS of bromance:

After so long I watched a bromance that was Goblin level. I mean the camaraderie that Rain and Kim Bum shared together was superb and they always made their scenes stand out because of the chemistry they had. I also loved how their characters were written as they grew together. Also their acting styles really complemented each other well. Their behind the scenes were particularly entertaining!

r/KDRAMA - Ghost Doctor - A Bromantic Dose of Wholesomeness

Two good looking men in the same frame!

r/KDRAMA - Ghost Doctor - A Bromantic Dose of Wholesomeness


I just noticed a few days back that this drama is written by the person who wrote Live Up to Your Name which is also a drama that I really enjoyed watching. I agree the focus of this drama was more on hospital politics and the lack of focus on hospital patients can count as a shortcoming of the drama, but for some reason the hospital politics were enjoyable too. I think what worked for me was the pacing of the drama. There weren’t plot points that were dragged out until the very end and plot development rather happened at a faster speed. I could also do without the romance between Uee and Rain but it was watchable, it wasn’t really boring or anything as such.

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Supporting Characters:

Tes has to be my most favorite supporting character from this drama. Sung Dong-Il is indeed a great actor but Tes was wholesome for so many reasons. I also really liked Bo-Mi and Hoon-Gil’s stories. I wish to see a short drama with their story continued. Some characters like Ahn Tae-Hyun were also nice to watch. Not many complex side characters which makes it an easy watch for me.

Wholesome despite being more focused on hospital politics:

This was the best part about the drama. I just loved the main characters so much and just them helping each other grow made the entire show one of my favorites.

Overall, I rated this drama as a 9.5 and it has entered my Top 10 list replacing The King: Eternal Monarch (even though it will forever remain one of my favorite Lee Min-Ho dramas). I think I would even recommend this to people who are not fond of medical dramas. 10/10 recommended to everyone!

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