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Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young) is an organized, intelligent woman, but also very lonely due to her cold character and behavior towards others. Her professional life is tidy and she knows how to properly separate it from her personal life.
Lee Shi Woo (Song Kang), a free spirit who thinks outside the box, seems quite clumsy, despite his high intelligence. However, only one thing interests him: the weather. As for him, Han Ki Joon is a character with a sharp mind and a sharp tongue. He ends up causing waves that set him apart, which puts him in a situation of failure that he finds difficult to bear.
Chae Yoo Jin is a weather reporter. She had big career dreams but she is affected in this service in which she ends up finding her account and where she finally loves her job.
Yumiko’s review

 I wasn’t too drawn to the field of weather, but the subject turned out to be quite interesting in the end.

We see all the phases of the weather over the course of a year and the concerns that this creates in a weather forecasting team. The technical details weren’t too off-putting, even if indeed it is a science that one can only touch on through a drama like this, but in any case the approach was interesting.

Over the episodes, each climate was cleverly intertwined with the story of the different protagonists which made the forecast less boring than if it had been separated.

Of course, I wouldn’t call it a great drama. Our actor is handsome, and intelligent, which doesn’t spoil anything.

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Our main actress plays a character who is struggling and afraid to commit, which suits her quite well. The story of the secondary couple makes us pity almost from beginning to end and finally they manage to get by as a couple, but it has the realistic side of showing that life as a couple is not always what one might expect when one is in the frenzy of engagement and close marriage.

A pleasant drama overall, which I’m glad I could continue , because it was finished when I got started, I think it would have seemed tasteless if it had to be Watched two episodes a week, because you can’t say there’s a lot of action.

Suddenly the viewing in a limited time allows not to scatter and leave a better general impression than if it had been chopped menu in 8 weeks lol.

Maamotto’s opinion

Forecasting Love and Weather  is not a drama that I was necessarily expecting. Indeed, just like Yumiko, the theme of the weather didn’t thrill me more than that. But what wouldn’t we be ready to do for Song Kang’s beautiful eyes?

I must say that I enjoyed the first 3 episodes, but that’s it. The more the story progressed, the more complicated it became. For everyone ! Both main and secondary characters. And the big weak point! The lack of chemistry between Song Kang and Park Min Young! 

It’s still a shame when there’s only that to keep us going. Besides, I didn’t find Park Min Young convincing. She was playing the same as usual and I felt like I was seeing a carbon copy of her previous roles. Her proud and seductive gait (not sure if that’s the right term, but I mean that in the sense that she rolls a lot of ******) also bothered me enormously.

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She was very haughty. Whereas his character wasn’t really like that. Luckily Yoon Park was there to level up. Besides, if I had to remember a character, it would certainly be him.

He is the one who has evolved the most during this season. Moreover and as I imagined (even if they tried to approach it in depth), I was bored in front of the forecasts.

It was all very lukewarm, like the end of winter that drags on and spring never seems to arrive.


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