Jin Hee leads a satisfying life as a nutritionist. She meets Chang Min in a medical school. He comes from a wealthy family of doctors and despite their opposition, he decides to marry Jin Hee anyway . He abandoned his medical internship to work as a salesman of pharmaceutical products.

Chang Min changing little by little and their marriage not being a success, they then decide to separate. After both becoming medical interns, they find themselves 6 years later in a hospital emergency room, where they will have to work together…

  • Titre alternatif : Emergency Man and Woman
  • Original title: Eunggeubnamnyeo / 응급 남녀
  • Country: South Korea South Korea
  • Episodes: 21 x 57 min
  • Broadcast ended : from 01/24/2014 to 03/29/2014
  • Season: Winter 2014
  • Broadcaster: tvN
  • Streaming: Drama Passion – Viki
  • Genres: Comedy – Medical – Romance
  • Official website: Link

Review : by Jujube0214 (Link)

Emergency Couple is a 2014 divorced-to-reunited TVN rom-com starring Song Ji-Hyo and Choi Jin-Hyuk, directed by Kim Cheol-Kyu (Chicago Typewriter, Flower of Evil) and written by Choi Yoon-Jung (Lie to Me, Propose). I’ve seen a fair number of separated-to-reunited rom-coms in my time in dramaland, and while Emergency Couple isn’t groundbreaking or spectacular, it’s a solid watch that’s very enjoyable at times.

There’s a lot to like about this drama, and even some things I didn’t like grew on me by the end. Firstly, I liked our female lead Oh Jin-Hee (Song Ji-Hyo) quite a lot. She’s smart, principled, and hard-working. Even when our male lead, Chang-Min (Choi Jin-Hyuk) behaved like a manchild, she (mostly) stayed classy and calm. She wasn’t always confident but she did stick up for herself. For example, when Chang-Min’s mom is admitted and throws a tantrum, she remains calm and firm about having to do her job. Additionally, she’s a very generous person. Even though Chang-Min’s mom treated her like shit, she was still very kind to her (more kind than she deserved). She was also a very competent doctor (in the show’s world – in the real world, all of these doctors would’ve gotten fired on their first day for being unhygienic and unprofessional, but let’s pretend like that’s not a problem here). When she and Chang-Min were trapped in an elevator with a patient that urgently needed a tracheostomy, it was Jin-Hee that took charge and did the procedure. I didn’t like Jin-Hee from the get-go, largely because of the way they set up the story, but she grew on me very quickly and I rooted for her through the end.

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Chang-Min was a harder sell for me at first because he seemed more immature and petty to me. The first episode (which I was not a fan of) primed me to dislike him, and I also felt like the show showed me Jin-Hee’s perspective more than Chang-Min’s. He was initially very immature towards Jin-Hee. He was also pretty spineless in front of his mother (who, admittedly, was quite a handful). I didn’t appreciate how he went behind Jin-Hee’s back to ask their supervisor, Dr.Guk (Lee Pil-Mo), to transfer her to a different department. However, as the show went on, Chang-Min grew up. It was nice of him to try to save Jin-Hee’s job, and I appreciated that when Jin-Hee told him that she was scared of getting back into a relationship with him, he did (eventually) respect that. I was annoyed by his earlier behavior, but he improves, which is gratifying. Although it took me a while, I did get on board with the Chang-Min and Jin-Hee ship.

Speaking of Chang-Min and Jin-Hee together, I didn’t root for them at first, largely because of the way the first episode set up their relationship. At first, I was convinced that it would be in both of their best interests not to get back together – especially for Jin-Hee’s sake; she seemed to have gotten the short end of the stick in their marriage. However, as the show went on, I started to genuinely believe that these two should get back together. I think the moment I officially got on board with this ship is when we got to see how they met for the first time, which I found very endearing. When I root for a separated couple to get back together, I need to know that they can actually love each other, which requires me to see how they fell in love the first time. Shows like Our Beloved Summer and Cunning Single Lady (terrible name, but pretty fun show) did a good job of that, by either going back and forth in time or showing their relationship in a linear fashion. With this show, we mostly only got intense animosity for the initial set-up, which greatly annoyed me – if they’d shown me the meet-cute sooner, I would’ve gotten on board with the couple sooner!

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Another thing I liked about this show was the second leads. They were all nice people – no scheming or conniving here. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dr. Guk (our second male lead, played by Lee Pil-Mo), that wasn’t because the character was annoying – he was just inoffensively bland (and I also felt like Lee Pil-Mo phoned in his performance at times). However, he was a decent guy, even if I never personally connected with him. I liked our second female lead, Ah-Reum (played by Clara), quite a bit. In the beginning, she wasn’t the nicest to Jin-Hee, but I didn’t feel like she was ever mean – just too blunt. She grew on me by the end, and I was happy that she got her happy ending with Yong-Gyu (another intern, who was a ridiculously adorable puppy). Dr.Shim Ji-Hye (Choi Yeo-Jin) was a second female lead to our second male lead (second second female lead?) if that makes sense, and throughout the show, she was a consistently awesomesauce character. I never thought I’d grow so fond of her by the end of the show’s run, but she was always smart, cool, and badass, and I wanted her to get her own happy ending with Dr.Guk, even if I thought she was too good for him.

Now, onto the things I didn’t like. I’ll keep this section relatively short. Firstly, this show should not have been 21 episodes. It caused a lot of drag in the latter part of its run, and by episode 18, I was making use of the fast-forward button very liberally, which was unfortunate. Secondly, I wish that Chang-Min and Jin-Hee got together sooner. Because this show was 21 episodes, I figured that they’d get together later in the game, but this was… excessively late. Thirdly, Chang-Min’s mother was annoying as fuck. She was awful to Jin-Hee, and I was so annoyed at Chang-Min for not standing up to her (though he did eventually). I didn’t like her, and while I found her turnaround at the end felt overly convenient, it was still preferable to screechy Mom at the beginning. I also didn’t like the complete lack of attention to hygiene in the hospital. Why was no one washing their hands before doing surgical procedures? Why was no one wearing PPE when dealing with a potentially infectious patient? Aargh. I’m not expecting a TV show to be perfectly accurate… but they could at least pretend like they tried, right? Finally, I thought that the first episode of this show was not good, because it made me dislike both Chang-Min and Jin-Hee from the start. Bickering is fine, but the level of animosity between them at the very beginning was intolerable and made them both look immature to me – Chang-Min especially. If the first episode had been better, I’d have taken to this show much sooner. As it was, it took me a while to start enjoying it.

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Still, there’s a lot that I did enjoy about this show, and it’s a pretty good rom-com for anyone who has a fairly high tolerance for bickering and pettiness at the beginning. Also, the last thing I’d seen Song Ji-Hyo in was Goong, and through this role, she completely reversed the distaste that Hyo-Rin’s character had given me for her. Also, I had never seen Choi Jin-Hyuk in anything prior to this show, and I have grown to appreciate his eye-smile and his very nice voice very much 🙂 I think this is a show that benefits from being binge-watched (or at least watched without a break) because that helps the drag caused by the length of the show not be as bad.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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