Confession is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Lee Jun-ho, Shin Hyun-been and Yoo Jae-myung. It aired on tvN from March 23 to May 12, 2019.

When Choi Do-Hyun (Lee Joon-Ho) was a boy, he had a heart disease. He spent most of his childhood in a hospital. He miraculously had a chance for a heart transplant. Right after the successful heart transplant surgery, his father was accused of murder. His father received the death penalty.

To investigate his father’s case, Choi Do-Hyun now works as a lawyer.

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I’m pretty sure people here are tired of me raving about Confession but this one’s a drama that deserves all the attention and love. I’m surprised I didn’t know about this until now. But thanks to my recent obsession with Lee Jun-Ho (consequences of watching The Red Sleeve), I found this while scrolling through his filmography and absolutely loved it. It’s very rare for me to love a crime thriller so much because not many end up impressing me from the very start to the very end. But this drama does that effortlessly.

Let’s talk about why I love this drama:


The plot is so well written that the suspense builds up from the very first episode. The character dynamics are woven together perfectly and the communication between our four main characters is so mature that the writer must be given full credit for why this drama makes it to one of the best in this genre.

Direction: If a well written drama is executed well only then it will be able to make the viewers invested in it. The director of this drama has many well known dramas under his name which is why you won’t be surprised to see how beautifully the interesting plot has been directed and executed.

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Yes, Jun-Ho is insanely talented and he effortlessly pulls darker, grittier and serious characters and you also get to see him in suits! His micro facial expressions will express so much which is praise worthy. Yoo Jae-Myung is also just as talented as any other veteran actor and his acting reflects the kind of cop he plays in the drama. I was surprised to see Shin Hyun-Bin in this drama but even though her character was well balanced between strong and emotional, she managed to pull that off easily.

Character Dynamics:

The four main characters meet through coincidences but these coincidences actually make sense rather than just being there for the sake of the drama. Plus the communication is so brilliant that even though they have differences in their opinions and principles they eventually come to respect it and let the other person do what they feel is right. This really works out from the point of team work especially because of how they’re all connected through some or the other reason. I went in for the bromance but ended up loving the mother-son relationship between Choi Do-Hyun and Madam Jin.


Usually it takes a crime thriller at least 3-5 episodes for me to get too invested but this drama had me on the edge of my seat since the very first episode which is why this is one of the best ones out there. The suspense build up and the pace at which things unfold is consistent and so as a viewer you’ll eventually find yourself interested in the drama thinking what will happen next now.

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Some people may argue that the ending was rushed but I thought it was very in tact with the tone of the drama, until the very end the drama keeps you hooked which is an A+ factor for any drama.

I couldn’t really find any flaws as such which is why I rated it a 9.5/10.

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