Synopsis:  Jin  Yeong Seo is a young woman from a wealthy family and her father wants her to get married. He regularly arranges blind dates for her. Each time, she asks her best friend Shin Ha Ri to impersonate her and scare away her suitors.

She goes again to ask him to help her when she has an appointment with Kang Tae Mu the president of a big company. 

Shin Ha Ri goes all out to scare him but what she doesn’t know is that he is determined to accept the marriage because he doesn’t want to make another arranged date that will make him lose time.

Shin Ha Ri finds herself in a very bad position when she discovers that Kang Tae Mu is the president of the company where she works. She must do everything so that he does not discover her true identity.

My opinion:  I hadn’t planned to watch this drama but I came across an  article in ksociety and it made me want to see it. That’s neither one nor two I started.

The drama is quick to watch. There is no length because of these 12 episodes. The only complaint one could make because of the number of episodes, it is the depth of certain aspects of the history. Some parts are sorely lacking in development and sometimes it seems superficial.

Business proposal takes us into two romances, a story of friendship and slightly into business stories. Company level, we follow the daily life of Shin Ha Ri. Very often this plot is correlated with the main romance. We see Shin Ha Ri’s daily life in her work and the difficulties she encounters there, but also the joy of having great colleagues.

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The friendship between the two women is just sweet, they confide in everything and help each other. They are welded.

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The romances now the main one which made me laugh a lot with our heroine who tries by all means to hide herself and not to be discovered. The lies and ensuing scenes are a real breath of fresh air. There are a lot of clichés in Business proposal but everything is taken for granted. Everything is shot in self-mockery, especially with our grandfather who watches dramas full of these clichés. And it echoes the real story around him.

We have the second romance which is much more demonstrative with passionate kisses do you want some here. They also make people laugh, but this time with scenes that play on embarrassment. 

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I almost forgot, there is a lot of humor and it makes us laugh. I just didn’t like the character of the cousin who is supposed to be a little jester and to make me laugh she pissed me off more than anything else.


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Shin Ha Ri is a young woman passionate about her work and who finds herself dragged into a complicated story despite herself. She’s had feelings for her best friend for years but it’s not reciprocated. This character made me laugh and it was a real breath of fresh air. 

Kang Tae Mu is a typical rich and cold character. Nothing innovative in this character. It lacked a little something, I found it bland at times. That’s a shame. For the little info, the actor who plays Shin Hari’s crush played alongside Ahn Hyo Seop (Kang Tae Mu) in Lovers sky, he was his bodyguard and they were welded quite the opposite here. 

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Jin  Yeong Seo  is Shin Ha Ri’s best friend and she works a lot. Her father wants to force her to marry. She is sick of it. She’s a typical rich girl character but she tries to fend for herself. The situations in which she puts herself made me laugh.

Cha Seong Hun is Kang Tae Mu’s secretary. I preferred him to our hero. He made me laugh and I found him sparkling. Although sometimes he annoyed me by pushing  Jin  Yeong Seo away . Otherwise very happy to find Kim Min Kyu who plays our secretary whom I liked in Queen: Love and war.

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