Synopsis:  Soo-ha, who has lost both a loved one and the motivation to live, works at a private loan company with her co-workers Tae-yeong and Jin-cheol. One day, Soo-han helps Ye-jin, who was being chased by gangsters, by hiding her in the house. In fact, Ye-jin is the only successor of the Taejin Group, and is pursued by Cheol-woong who wants to take over the group..  (Source critical sense)

I was very bored watching this film, fortunately it is only 1:20.

  • The characters are nothing original:
  • – A hero tortured by his past.
  • – A heroine in distress.
  • – A cartoonish villain.

None of the characters are endearing. The length of the film does not allow for optimal character development. I find it a pity. Besides, there is no romance. One would have thought so given the synopsis. For me, it didn’t bother me.

The scenes are slow whether in their unfolding, the staging or the dialogues. Apart from the action scenes, the film is quite soft. Fortunately, there are fight scenes to breathe some dynamism into the film, otherwise it would have been worse.

I liked the scenery of the city where the film takes place.


Synopsis:  Jeong In is a lawyer in Seoul. After suffering physical abuse from her father as a child, she left her family and her hometown. But one day, she sees her mother, Hwa Ja, on the television news.

Indeed, at her husband’s funeral, the mayor and several members of his party fall ill after drinking makgeolli and some die. Hwa Ja is then quickly accused of attempted poisoning but she has Alzheimer’s disease.

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Jeong In decides to return to his native village to take care of his mother’s case, convinced of his innocence. But on arriving, Hwa Ja does not recognize either her daughter or her youngest son with autism.

This film is inspired by real events that took place on July 14, 2014 in North Gyeongsang province where several elderly women were found poisoned and two of whom died after ingesting a drink cut with pesticide. Police arrested a woman over 80 who was sentenced to life in prison. (Source Nautiljon)

I really wanted to see this movie and I was not disappointed. 

It’s not just a crime movie where a girl tries to prove her mother’s innocence. The story is much deeper than that with a sad and complex family plot. Pain, sadness and regret. A whole range of emotions very well put forward. Everything is tinged with great sadness and great melancholy around this family. 

And of course the police investigation that unearths dark secrets. Is Hwa Ja innocent or did she really poison all these people? If it’s not her then who is it and why? We follow the investigation of our heroine with attention. 

I found the film a bit short. Ten or fifteen more minutes wouldn’t have displeased me. 

I take my hat off to the performance of the actors.
– Bae Jong Ok for playing a troubled mother with dementia.
– Shin Hye Sun for her flawless performance as a girl who goes to help her mother after leaving her so abruptly years ago.
– Hong Kyung who plays an autistic person to perfection, I had a hard time believing that he was the same actor I had seen a few months earlier in Lovers of the red sky.

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