Country:  South Korea

Number of episodes:  10
 Romance, Supernatural

My opinion

In this Korean web drama we follow the story of three young women who are vampires and run a clothing store together. I watched this drama during its broadcast and I am rather mixed!

I started this drama very happy to see Kang Ha Na, but especially Lee Shin Young. I loved this actor in How to buy a friend and I try to follow his projects regularly. As for the script, I was curious, but I’m not a big fan of vampire stories. It’s not something that necessarily makes me want to start a viewing.

The cinematography of this web drama is kept simple, although there are some nice shots especially in the period scenes. As for the OSTs, they didn’t particularly mark me. Honestly, I don’t remember them at all (if there were several…).

The story itself is quite original. I like the idea of ​​following these three women who have been linked for ages. There is a certain affection between them, which they more or less express. On the other hand, I was not attached to them. Arrived at the end of the drama, I realized this point. They are charismatic and interesting for certain things. But I didn’t feel so much emotion in front of their story. 

Lee Shin Young’s character was the same. I was not attached to him. Regarding his acting, I was not disappointed. Even if this drama does not allow him to really show his talent. He knew how to play the role that was given to him, as it should. I didn’t feel his chemistry with Kang Ha Na, though. So I didn’t get caught up in the semblance of a love affair between them.

I come away moderately satisfied with the drama. It was more entertainment than real pleasure. The rhythm is irregular, I got bored several times.

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I don’t particularly remember the ending. I think it’s an unremarkable drama. We have good actors, a good story idea. But in the end, it is quickly forgettable!

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