Yeo Joon ( Park Ji Hoon ) is a freshman at Myungil University. Everything seems to be going perfectly in his life as a rich, sweet and warm young student. But, he hides in him a wound that makes him suffer. Deeply hurt, Yeo Joon needs a friend most of all. Unfortunately, finding a true friend is much easier said than done. Tasked with working together on a class project, Yeo Joon finds himself inexplicably attracted to his partner, Nam Soo Hyun ( Bae In Hyuk). A third-year student in the same program, Soo Hyun is a bright student who has no time to waste with spoiled rich kids. Despite a rough start, Yeo Joon and Soo Hyun end up accepting each other as they are, and very slowly a bond of friendship is formed between them. Opposites in every way, Yeo Joon and Soo Hyun have little in common, but their friendship is real and gives them the strength to face life's challenges. But their friendship is tested when Kim So Bin ( Kang Min Ah ) enters the scene. Their unlikely friendship is in danger of taking a hit when love begins to blossom.

A drama that really touched me. I love the soft colors, the exquisite execution, and the characters.

We feel the forced smiles, letting suspect an immense background suffering… Park Ji Hoon is really endearing… already I completely crack on the different feelings that he knows how to play to perfection….

I also really like the acting of our main actress, who plays really well, without overdoing it… in subtlety. The more the drama progresses, the more the story is beautiful and endearing.

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More than the romance, it was the friendship between the two boys that touched me the most. The romance is cute but not so developed to give way to the in-game questions about a background that eventually becomes the central theme and that friendship that will help the characters heal each other.

Truly, a drama not to be missed. I would even say to see and review for fun.


5/5 - (1 vote)

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