Consistent in bringing awe-inspiring surprises, the first part of Alchemy of Souls sealed every episode with imaginative worldbuilding.

Ingeniously presenting details and back stories leading to its spectacular part 1 cliffhanger, the series made no apologies for the quick break before the 2nd part commences.

That truly is acceptable because the series achieved an amazing feat story-building-wise. Much as viewers want to gripe for the nerve-wracking ending, it’s easy to forego it as well because of so much excitement the series has gifted.

While waiting for the remaining stories to complete the full review, let’s look back on the most notable moments, theories and answers we need to get when part 2 premieres in December.

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“Alchemy of Souls” Filming Locations Perfect For Nature Lovers

Alchemy of Souls Part 1 Final Episode Quick Recap

Discovering his old master did not leave the walls of Cheonbugwan, Prince Won gets swayed by his argument owing to his deep-seated fixation on greatness and power.

Executing his last plan to bring chaos, Jin Mu successfully cast a spell directed at Mu-deok. He gives his power to bring out Naksu and she runs amok under Jin Mu’s command.

Naksu-possessed-Mudeok kills Master Jin and the newlyweds Dang-gu and Choyeon were no match against her. Just then, Jin Mu announced he is searching for Mu-deok and revealed that she is a soul-shifter who has gone wild.

Finding Jang Wook in the forest, Mu-deok escapes death when he shielded her from the attacks of the mages. But she slices her sword through him while her memories struggle to fight the enchantment she’s trapped into.

Realizing her man died in her own hands, Mu-deok took off as Songrim ordered for her to be captured. Meanwhile, Lady Jin who belatedly pieced out the clues about her real daughter Buyeon commands her daughter to bring Mu-deok.

Due to his supposed connivance with a soul shifter, Jang Wook was not given a proper burial. But just as the crypt holding his body is blazed with fire, the heavens burst and from the flames emerges the owner of “ice stone” – Jang Wook.

Simultaneously, Mu-deok who jumped to the waters of the soul shifters’ grave, is being dragged up by two unknown men.

Alchemy of Souls Part 1 review kdramadiary

Alchemy of Souls Part 1 Plot Recap

Chased by Songrim leader Park Jin (Yoo Jun Sang), Naksu (Go Yoon Jung), a formidable assassin is unable to prevent being captured. She then decides to perform “alchemy of souls” which led him to switch souls with a nearby blind woman Mu-deok (Jung So Min).

Taking over Mu-deok’s body; Naksu intertwines fate with Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook), the son of the best mage in the Kingdom of Daeho who is responsible for her family’s misfortune. She also reunites with a long-lost teenage friend Seo Yul (Hwang Min Hyun), an exceptional mage from one of Daeho’s elite families.

When Jang Wook realizes she is the legendary assassin Naksu, he pleads to be taken as her student. In the process, romance also blooms. However, her fate as a soul shifter is bound to petrify and only a precious and powerful ice stone can prevent it from happening.

Alchemy of Souls Part 1 Series Highlights

Stellar Cinematography

Alchemy of Souls is literally Instagram-worthy for the stunning backgrounds utilized in the scenes.

Coupled with splendid wardrobe and set designs; these elements engrossed viewers in a fascinating world. It impressively carved an addicting presence for its creative narrative.

Effectively immersing viewers into a mesmerizing world, credit should be given to the choice of natural scenic backdrops sparingly spent in the whole duration of the series.

Alchemy of Souls

Unputdownable Narrative

Elaborating on the premise of “souls that shifted or altered”; Hong Sisters did not hold back in unleashing their creativity in Alchemy of Souls.

From building interesting and intertwining back stories, utilizing parallel character fates as well as hooking cliffhangers; there was no episode wasted in the first part of the series.

Notably, Alchemy of Souls achieved a groundbreaking moment for fusion sageuk to be able to contrive a historical and imaginative balance that makes sense.

Alchemy of Souls

Effectively Enforced Characters

When a series with a big cast is able to utilize its cast well, the viewers would easily remember the characters. That is specifically the case for Alchemy of Souls with small, supporting and lead characters mixing well to employ the limning of the story

Truly a fascinating treat, the fondness for Alchemy of Souls of any viewer warrants a worthy forbearance to wait for its ultimate conclusion. At the core of the narrative is the story of Naksu and Jang Wook.

Accordingly, the mystery behind Naksu’s simultaneous hosting of Bu-yeon’s body is yet to be revealed. With Naksu (Go Yoon Jung) taking over the story in the 2nd part; more serious problems are expected.

Similarly, Jang Wook surviving death is bad news to the royal family especially Prince Won who is not aware that the crown deserves to be with Wook in the first place.

Alchemy of Souls Part 1 Series Musings

Discord among mage families, Jang Wook’s formidable rise from the dead, Naksu’s return and more surprising twists are bound to adorn the concluding part of Alchemy of Souls.

Inevitably, we are looking for a clearer explanation of how Naksu survived and what really is Wook’s power as the owner of ice stone.

With Jin Mu’s manipulative pitches, an imminent war is looming in the kingdom of Daeho. How contending powers will shape up is another point to watch come December.

If Naksu has become one with Bu-yeon, that would make the parallel events happening to Master Seogyeong and Jang Wook logical.

It supports why Jung So Min (technically Buyeon) should sit down in the concluding episodes since Alchemy of Souls is really Naksu’s story. Of course, we also want to know if Jin family’s magic caused Naksu to regain her own body or whether her body was not burned in the first place.

I think something happened to Bu-yeon when she was revived to death by the ice stone. Initially, I thought she can control it or she might have been one with it.

However, Wook proving to be the true master now as supported by Master Lee’s assessment negates that idea.

Given there are a lot of questions that need answers, expectations are high for the second part of Alchemy of Souls. Ultimately, everything is perfect for the first part of the series except that oh-no-we-have-to-wait-for-December-moment.

Relive some of the best moments of Alchemy of Souls with the original soundtrack playlist below.

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