Finding the truth behind countless mysteries, the real Adamas was found, yet the battle to take down the carpet-baggers is still ongoing.

Adamas ends with a mind-boggling mystery. Could it be that Woo-shin will write another chapter in search of his twin brother? In a world full of powerful ingrates, will a famous writer have a way to put them behind the bars?

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The Posh Haesong Mansion In K-Drama
“Adamas” Is A Striking Museum In Wonju  

Adamas Finale Highlights

” I gave you what you wanted, so I should get what I want.”

While Song Su-hyun and other members of Special Investigation Headquarters (SIH) find evidence to put Team A of Ares in prison, Eun Hye-soo is currently on her way to take over Haesong after Mr. Kwon’s death.

Mr. Lee, who helped Hye-soo to be part of their pack, wanted something in return. Mr. Lee requests Hye-soo to end the life of Song Su-hyun.


“I was the one who ruined everything.”

With the desire to take down Team A, Song Su-hyun thinks of another plan. Meanwhile, Ha Woo-shin arrives at their hideout and reveals to his brother where the Adamas is.

Song Su-hyun cannot believe where the murder weapon was all along. The real Adamas is inside the toy figurine he cherished when he was still a child.


The twins and Lee Chang-woo then had a confrontation. Ha Woo-shin clarifies that he did not start the investigation after knowing Lee Chang-woo is his biological father. It was for the sake of finding the culprit behind his stepfather’s murder and because of Su-hyun.

Su-hyun takes care of the toy figurine he thought Song Soon-ho had given him, but it turns out that Lee Chang-woo is the one who left it in their house, that night when also Soon-ho died. That is why Su-hyun lives blaming himself for what happened to his father.

This made Lee Chang-woo realize his mistake.


“Team Leader Lee wasn’t here.”

After finding the real Adamas, they decide to lure Team A using the murder weapon. Mr. Ha went to see Hye-soo at the funeral of Mr. Kwon to tell her that she must hand over Mr. Lee to them in exchange for the Adamas. However, Hye-soo reads the situation quickly and calls Mr. Lee to inform the twins’ plan to capture him.

As soon as SIH, Chang-woo, and Woo-shin go outside their hideout, Team A ambushed them. One of the SIH members is actually a spy from Team A.

Lee Chang-woo got shot by the spy. SIH came to rescue them, but it was too late. Lee Chang-woo is dead. Su-hyun, now in danger, goes to the b-site alone, where Mr. Lee plans to kill the prosecutor.


“Su-hyun is in danger.”

Prosecutor Su-hyun fights for his life after getting shot in the arm by Mr. Lee. Ha Woo-shin, Kim Seo-hee, and SIH rush to Su-hyun and track his location.
They try their best to save Su-hyun, but they did not expect to see his last location in the middle of the sea. After losing Lee Chang-woo, Woo-shin fails to find his missing brother.

SIH successfully locates Mr. Lee. The leader of Team A then confronts Woo-shin, and out of anger, Woo-shin shoots Mr. Lee in his legs so he will not escape anymore. Woo-shin could not contain his sadness and collapsed on Mr. Choi’s shoulder.

As Haesong now faces charges with ARES, Eun Hye-soo, in command, said in a press conference that Hyun-jo, who is in hospital, will step down from the management. After Hyun-jo heard this news, Sun appeared in his room and poisoned him. With that, Hye-soo successfully claimed her position as the chairman of Haesong.


“It’s a hard battle that’s impossible to win.
However, I won’t give up.”

Ha Woo-shin once again enters the Haesong mansion and gives Hye-soo the Adamas. He also came up with the idea of writing a book that would tell all his experiences in their search for Adamas. Since people did not believe Kim Seo-hee’s reports about the ill-doings of Haesong and ARES, Woo-shin thought that writing a fictitious book with a real story behind it would make the audience curious and get involved in the story.

Ending the series, Woo-shin, who is at the sea where Su-hyun went missing, holds the real Adamas and smiles. It turns out that someone sent him a letter saying that Su-hyun is alive.


Adamas Quick Plot Recap *Spoiler Alert

Twin brothers Prosecutor Song Su-hyun and well-known mystery writer Ha Woo-shin face the unfortunate death of their stepfather at an early age. They grew up to be professionals who always seek truth and justice.

After Woo-shin hears from her dying mother that Lee Chang-woo, the suspected murderer of Song Soon-ho, is innocent and turns out to be his father, he enters the Haesong mansion. He investigates alone to find the diamond arrow, Adamas, the murder weapon used to kill Soon-ho. Woo-shin then meets Mr. Choi, the head of the Haesong mansion security, who is an undercover cop working for Special Investigation Headquarters (SIH).

Soon as Song Su-hyun later learned his brother’s plan, he looked into Chang-woo’s case with reporter Kim Seo-hee. In search of Adamas, they all go up against the powerful chairman Kwon Jae-kyu and Team A of Ares as they continue to unfold countless truths and mysteries concealed by the two companies.

Later, they discover that Mr. Lee of Ares was the murderer, and they all try their best to bring him and Mr. Kwon down, but a series of unfortunate events continues to happen unexpectedly.

Adamas Series Peak Points

Thrilling and Mysterious Plot

Adamas could be labeled one of the best mysterious k-dramas this year as it gave a remarkable impression to the audience. The enigmatic Haesong mansion, Ms. Kwon, and the diamond arrow send the chills down our spines while watching the series.

As mysterious as it can get, the viewers will be able to feel the excitement while witnessing scenes of revelations, which is one of the peak points to look after in this drama.


Undeniably Effective and Powerful Characters

All characters seen in Adamas contributed to the never-ending search for the mysterious diamond arrow. Aside from that, they also have complex backgrounds and profiles, which make them interesting.

As the story progresses, we can see how others choose to be true rather than to be opportunists and vice versa. Because of the dynamic characters, Adamas was more exciting, nerve-wracking, yet captivating to watch.


Exposing the Immoral and Evil Opportunists

Adamas also unravels the truth behind opportunists who continue to seek more power to rule the country.

Watching the series, we can see the connection of Haesong to ARES, Hwang Byung-chul, Eun-kook Medical Center, and other politicians, as well as prosecutors who worked together to do jobs contrary to what they should do.

Aiming to legalize the selling of firearms in the country, Haesong had to have several connections, including public officials, to achieve their goal.


Adamas Series Musings

Adamas had a striking impression in its opening week because of the eerie and uncanny way of storytelling it presented to the viewers. In the first half of the series, its mysterious plotline exceeded expectations as it consistently revealed unconcealed truths, which were surprising and intriguing at first.

However, as the story progresses in the latter half, the element of surprise starts to decline because of the bombarding scenes full of twists and revelations. You can expect the unexpected as you can predict something will happen.

But still, the series never failed to stay committed to its mysterious theme and concept from the start to the end of the story. We can never take away the fact that this series served its purpose in making the audience puzzled while imparting the importance of seeking truth and justice for the innocents.

Viewers may also observe that Ha Woo-shin and Song Su-hyun did not have a lot of scenes together. Considering that they were mostly in different places, it could have been better if we saw additional scenes of them, even for the flashback scenes, where viewers will get to witness their strong bond.

Nevertheless, because of Ji Sung’s commendable acting portrayal, we can really relate to and empathize with Song Su-hyun and Ha Woo-shin. Their chemistry as brothers is still undeniable.


The truth will always find its way out.

Diving deep into the story, we can see the underlying societal issue presented in the series, and that is the problem of abuse of power and authority. Prosecutors, reporters, business owners, and politicians, who should do humanitarian acts and practice social responsibility, unfortunately, use their positions to harm others.

We can observe how public officials chose power over honest and transparent service to their people. They cover corruption and create propaganda to lure the public, which is unacceptable.

But we can assure that truth will always find its way out, as there are people like Ha Woo-shin, Song Su-hyun, Kim Seo-hee, and Mr. Choi who choose to protect the innocents and unveil the truth behind their schemes and harmful acts.


You can watch Adamas on Disney+.

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