Kim Hee Sun Is Determined To Get Revenge On Whoever Ruined Her Life In “  Remarriage & Desires  ” Teasers

The new Netflix series has unveiled its main poster for the drama “ Remarriage & Desires  ” plus an exciting new teaser!

Starring Kim Hee Sun , Lee Hyun Wook , Jung Yoo Jin , Park Hoon , and Cha Ji Yeon , “  Remarriage & Desires  ” revolves around “Rex,” a marriage agency specializing in remarriages for ambitious clients who strive to marry wealthy spouses. The five actors play people who come together in Rex for different reasons. The drama is directed by production manager (PD) Kim Jung Min (“Bad Guys,” “Squad 38”).

Kim Hee Sun will play the role of Seo Hye Seung, an ordinary wife and mother who loses everything due to the sudden death of her husband. She tries to rebuild her life with her daughter, but she experiences a new moment of humiliation when she meets the one who turned her life upside down in Rex. She participates in a race of desire to get revenge on them and take away everything they want.

The newly released poster shows the five characters grabbing attention with their stunning outfits. Each of them is wearing something black, but Seo Hye Seung takes the crown with her sparkling white wedding dress that features flattering but ultimately rather eerie black patterns. The text on the poster reads: “A scandal of revenge and desire”.

The poster

The teaser

The alluring teaser begins with Jin Yoo Hee saying, “  Let me marry a high-end (Black Level) member.  At the Rex, a Black Level member is the most wanted husband, as he is the wealthiest. The matchmaking agency is in turmoil when Lee Hyeong Joo arrives, and Choi Yoo Seon describes him as “a new blue-chip element with assets of two trillion won (approximately $1.5 billion).”

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Referring to his greatest nemesis Jin Yoo Hee, Seo Hye Seung says, “  I will never forgive this woman. It was she who pushed my husband to death.  In order to give Jin Yoo Hee back his own coin, Seo Hye Seung walks into Rex to get in the way of his burning ambitions to marry a wealthy man.

Enraged, Jin Yoo Hee asks, “  Do you really think you can win against me? » . In response, Seo Hye Seung swears, “  You will never get what you want.  Additionally, Choi Yoo Seon says, “  Mr. Lee Hyeong Joo wants a trophy wife ,” and the CEO adds, “  I don’t trust women .”

Things heat up as Jin Yoo Hee and Seo Hye Seung’s ill-fated relationship spins out of control, but Seo Hye Seung holds her ground and firmly declares, “Wait. I will make your life hell. I will never let you have what you want . »

“Remarriage & Desires” will premiere on July 15. Watch the teaser with English subtitles below!

Another striking poster…

Previously another poster had caught our attention… by its beauty and its class. You could also read the determination and the fear in the eyes of the actress.

“  Remarriage & Desires  ” will premiere on July 15.


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