“Remarriage And Desires” depicts a scandal of revenge and desire that unfolds in the background of the veiled upper-class marriage business world. 

The leads in the drama are Kim HeeSeon, Lee HyunWook, and Jung Eugene. 

Film and drama actress Kim HeeSeon has had major roles in the dramas “Tomorrow”, “Alice”, “Room No. 9”, and “Woman Of Dignity.”

Actor Lee HyunWook has appeared in the dramas “Mine”, “She Would Never Know”, and “Search.”

Actress and model Jung Eugene (Eugene Jung) has acted in the dramas “Snowdrop”, “Catch The Ghost”, “Romance Is A Bonus Book”, and “Something In The Rain.”

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Remarriage And Desires (2022)



Title: Remarriage And Desires / Beullaegui Sinbu / 블랙의 신부

Director: Kim JungMin 

Writer: Lee GeunYoung

Network: Netflix

Runtime: From July 15

# of Episodes: 8

Genre: Drama, Marriage

Language: Korean


“Remarriage And Desires” depicts the scandal of revenge and desire at a high-class marriage company where love has nothing to do with matchmaking.


“Remarriage And Desires” (2022 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary


Kim HeeSeon as Seo HyeSeung

HyeSeung loses everything due to the sudden death of her husband while living as an ordinary wife and mother. Trying to rebuild her life with her daughter, she faces another humiliation when she meets the mastermind who turned her life upside down at the upper-class marriage matchmaking company “Rex.”

She then enters into the race of her desire to marry in order to enact revenge. HyeSeung, who lost her happy family in an instant, has nothing to lose or fear anymore. She chooses a different direction from the way she has lived her own life with only her determination to succeed in her revenge. 

“Remarriage And Desires” (2022 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary

Management Air

Lee HyunWook as Lee HyungJoo

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HyungJoo is chairman of a self-made venture company. HyungJoo, whom everyone covets, tries to overcome the failure of his first marriage and find a remarriage partner that benefits him.

“Remarriage And Desires” (2022 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary

Hycon Entertainment

Jung Eugene as Jin YooHee

YooHee is a lawyer at a top law firm who will do anything it takes to succeed.

Teaser & Posters

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Here are the official posters.

“Remarriage And Desires” (2022 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary


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