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“Ongoing Loved One” is a 7-episode drama depicting the story of young people who travel through time before and after COVID-19, hanging out with new people, and protecting their first love boldly.

This is an idol-filled cast with SF9’s ZuHo, woo!ah!’s WooYeon, and N.Flying’s Seo DongSung as the leads.  

SF9’s ZuHo has had major roles in the dramas “Under The Gun”, “The Birth Of A Nation”, and “Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident.”

woo!ah!’s WooYeon has appeared in the dramas “Live On” and “My YouTube Diary 2.”

This is N.Flying member Seo DongSung’s small screen debut. 

Director Park GunYong said, “It was a very exciting and heartbreaking time to watch the talented performances of idols and cast members loved by the public and their unstoppable new challenges on set, and I don’t think I will ever forget the time I spent with them.” 

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Ongoing Loved One (2022)

“Ongoing Loved One” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

SF9 Official Website / woo!ah! Instagram / N.Flying Official Website



Title: Ongoing Loved One / Saranghaessdaneun Hyeonjaejinhaenghyeong / 사랑했다는 현재진행형

Director: Park GunYong

Writer: Lee JooYoung

Network: Naver TV Cast

Runtime: From August 26, 2022

# of Episodes: 7

Genre: Romance, Youth

Language: Korean



“Ongoing Loved One” follows the campus life of those who want to protect love and friendship even in the stark university life where romance has disappeared.



“Ongoing Loved One” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

SF9 Official Website

SF9’s ZuHo as SeoJin

SeoJin gives off an aura that makes him hard to approach but also makes him popular with the women on campus. He is the representative of the Practical Music Department. He is also the lead vocalist of a band with a large following, “Brass Band”, and has a sweet voice.

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“Ongoing Loved One” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

woo!ah! Instagram

woo!ah!’s WooYeon as BoRam 

[character description yet to be released]


“Ongoing Loved One” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

N.Flying Official Website

N.Flying’s Seo DongSung as HyoMin

HyoMin possesses “flower boy” beauty with his sleek nose and sparkling eyes. He is also a “super insider” as he is famous on TikTok for his personality, dance skills, and charm.


Teaser & Posters

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Here is the official poster.

“Ongoing Loved One” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

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