“Glitch” has dropped exciting new stills of Jeon Yeo Been and Nana!

“Glitch” is a mystery drama about Hong Ji Hyo (Jeon Yeo Been), who can see aliens, and Heo Bo Ra (Nana), who is searching for aliens, as they search for the whereabouts of Hong Ji Hyo’s boyfriend who disappeared without a trace. The drama will be helmed by director Roh Deok of “Very Ordinary Couple,” “Journalist,” and “SF8” (“Manxin”) and written by Jin Han Sae, the writer of the hit series “Extracurricular.”

With a stable career, steady boyfriend, and otherwise ordinary lifestyle, Hong Ji Hyo has lived the past few decades while ignoring the fact that she can occasionally see aliens. When her boyfriend disappears one day without a trace, she reunites with her childhood friend Heo Bo Ra, a streamer who has been chasing after mysterious phenomena for a long time.

From there, the two meet a trio of “UFOs” and escape their boring lives as they set off on a new adventure. On this adventure, these random and entertaining characters will travel in all different directions as they kidnap aliens, encounter pseudo-religious groups, and more.

The intriguing plot of searching for one’s missing boyfriend came from the imagination of writer Jin Han Sae. Regarding the drama’s title, they commented, “‘Glitch’ refers to a bug in the system. In life, everyone has those moments where they wonder, ‘is this right?’ and I thought that was like a bug in life.”

Rather than shy away from clichés of the sci-fi genre, director Roh Deok chooses to actively utilize them. She explained, “If it wasn’t for this opportunity, I thought it’d be difficult to meet a project like ‘Glitch’ in the future. Since this was a project I waited for, I chose it without hesitation.”

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“Glitch” will premiere globally on October 7!

While you wait, start watching Nana in “Kill It” with subtitles here:

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