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Na In Woo Explains How “Jinxed At First” Differs From The Original Webtoon + His Definitions Of Love And Happiness!

His journey

Na In Woo is a Korean actor from Cube Entertainment. He took his first steps in 2015 through the MBC television series “Shine or Go Crazy”. He gained wide recognition through tvN’s hit TV series “Mr. Queen”. Her first starring role was in the 2021 series “River Where the Moon Rises.” He was a trainee at JYP.

He is good at listening and writing in English since he studied abroad in Canada from the age of 9 to 12. His training was at the Department of Cinema and Drama at Dankook University.

In 2019, he chose to change his stage name from Na Jong-chan to Na In-woo. “In Woo” means “Like a friend” in traditional Chinese.

In 2022, Na In Woo becomes a permanent member of KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night” since Kim Seon-ho left in October 2021.

His Marking Roles:
– Yeonnam Family (2019)
– River Where the Moon Rises (2021)
– Her Bucket List (2021)
– Cleaning Up (2022)
– Jinxed At First (2022)
He is also expected for a more Guest role in Curtain Call (2022)

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Talking about her role in Jinxed and her outlook on life.

In a recent interview and photoshoot for Dazed Korea Magazine,  Na In Woo  talked about his new drama “  Jinxed at First  ,” his outlook on life!

Na In Woo is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama “  Jinxed at First ,” an adaptation of the hit webtoon “The Jinx’s Lover.”

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Describing how the drama and its character differed from the original webtoon, Na In Woo remarked, “  During the adaptation process, the mood of the drama became a bit more cheerful than the original webtoon. ” 

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Le Magazine: How do you see your character in Jinxed?

Na In Woo’s response: “Soo Kwang experiences really unexpected things every day, but instead of portraying it in a cynical way, I tried to express it in a humorous way. Soo Kwang is a warm character with an abundance of emotions – someone who, when faced with difficulties, makes a humorous expression instead of always frowning. »

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The Magazine: What is the standard for love and happiness for you?

Na In Woo’s response, “There are many different types of love,” the actor noted. “Love between family, love between friends, love between lovers… but in my opinion, the thing that can become a basis for all these types of love is respect. You have to respect someone to be able to listen to them, to be considerate of them, and also to make sacrifices for them when necessary. »

Na In Woo continued, “And my definition of happiness is living your life feeling grateful. The coffee I drink on set, that heartfelt conversation I have with someone I’m meeting for the first time, and all the staff that makes the atmosphere on set so comfortable. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t feel grateful, and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be happy. »

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More images and articles can be found in the July issue of Dazed. Check out more of our editorials and articles in the July print issue of DAZED KOREA .

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