After his father’s murder, Yun Ji Wu wants revenge. With the help of a powerful gang of which she is a member, she will infiltrate the very heart of the police in order to discover more about the death of her father.
She will then be assigned to the drug investigation unit, where a partner, Inspector Jeon Pil Do , will be assigned to her.

  • South Korea  – 8 EPISODES (50 MINUTES) – 10/15/2021 Netflix
  • Action – Drama – Crime – Suspense – Thriller 16+


  • Han So Hee: Yun Ji Woo / Oh Hye Jin
  • Park Hee Sun as Choi Mu Jin
  • Ahn Bo Hyun as Jeon Pil Do
  • Kim Sang Ho: Cha Gi Ho
  • Yun Gyeong Ho as Yun Dong Hun
  • Lee Hak Ju as Jeong Tae Ju
  • Jang Ryul: Do Gang Jae

My Name ( : 마이 네임  ; RR  : Mai Neim ) is a South Korean television series created by Kim Jin-min and Kim Ba-da and broadcast from15 octobre 2021 on Netflix.

the7 octobre 2021, the first three episodes were screened at the 26th Busan International Film Festival in the “  On Screen  ” category .


When her father is murdered, Yoon Ji-woo desperately sets out on a path of revenge to bring those responsible for his death to justice. In order to put her plan into action, she turns to Choi Moo-jin, who is the boss of the Dongcheonpa drug cartel. He voices his support and Ji-woo joins the cartel. As a result, Ji-woo infiltrates the police force as a mole. Your job is to be the eyes, ears and hands of the cartel. At the same time, Ji-woo uses the opportunity to find out more about her father’s mysterious death. After only a short time, Ji-woo is called up to her department’s drug squad and has Detective Jeon Pil-do assigned to her side. During her vendetta, Ji-woo uncovers shocking truths.

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ActorCharacter# of episodesGrades
Han So-heeYoon Ji-woo8She is a young member of an organized crime network who goes undercover as a police officer to discover the truth about her father’s death. Ji-woo harbors cold revenge towards him or those responsible for her father’s death. 
Park Hee-soonChoi Moo-jinHe is the head of “Dong Cheon Pa”, the largest drug ring in Korea. Moo-jin helps Ji-woo remain undetected through various methods, however his true motives remain unclear. 10
Ahn Bo-hyunThat. Jeon Pil-doHe is a hard-working and rigorous police detective in the drug investigation unit. When Ji-woo joins the police, he becomes his partner. Pil-do also seeks revenge and was once a promising judo player. 11
Kim Sang-hoCha Ki-hoHe is the team leader of the Drug Investigation Unit. Ki-ho has been Choi Moo-jin’s enemy for a long time and promised to end Choi Moo-jin’s web of crimes before retiring.
Lee Hak-jooJung Tae-jooHe is Choi Moo-jin’s loyal subordinate in his drug ring. Due to his strong loyalty to Moo-jin, Moo-jin regards him as his most trusted partner.
Jang YoolDo Kang-jaeHe is a former member of the drug ring, who after causing trouble and being kicked out of the group, swears revenge on them.
Yoon Kyung-hoYoon Dong-hoonHe is Yoon Ji-woo’s father and Choi Moo-jin’s friend. He was murdered.

series trailer

This is the official trailer for the My Name series , which is scripted by Ba-da Kim. It is a production of Studio Santa Claus Entertainment, whose first season consists of 8 episodes of 50 minutes each. The advance makes it clear that it is a series with plenty of action and, apparently, with well-crafted combat sequences.?

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I feel a bit cheated by My name because it was advertised as a story about bad ass female but is Ji-Woo/Hye-Jin actually real main charachter in this drama?

Let’s start with good things. My name is firstly really well directed. Kim Jin-Min (Time between Dog and wolf, Extracurricular) proved again that he is one of the best drama directors in Korea. In case of action it joined rank of the best next to Iris and Athena. I really appreciate that director and cast really put a lot of works in the action scenes which still rarely happens in K-drama (especially in case of female characters). Maybe brutality sometimes was a bit exaggerated (it is hard to believe that only 3 people die on the spot in the massacre in the gym) but still stunts were well made. If I have to nitpit something I’d like to see more realistic fight between woman and men. There was conversation about it between Ji-Woo and Mu-Jin but in case of action this was rarely pictured in action scenes. But still overall it is really good job.

Much more problematic thing is scenario. Story is generic and plays safe (similar problem had Heartless city). I think it’d be much more interesting if cop was actually killer and it was act of revenge for killing another policeman. This way Ji-Woo could have more interesting morale dilemmas. There are also loopholes (like the fact that Ji-Woo doesn’t change her looks or that Gi-Ho couldn’t contact her before she joined gang) but overall My name is not bad written per se. The only problematic thing is romance between Ji-Woo and Pil-Do. On contrary to many I have no problem with sex scene but while viewers could guess feelings of Pil-Do for a while I can’t say the same about Ji Woo’s. I also think that drama lacks a bit of scenes when Ji-Woo integrated more with other policemen. She was shown to the end as outsider so her choices wasn’t really interesting from morale point.

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Acting is also pretty good. In case of supporting cast it is worth to mention great role of Chang Ryul (Gang-Jae), completely new discovery. Also despite really few lines Lee Hak-Joo still is very noticeable as silent right hand of the boss. Ahn Bo Hyun as Pil-Do also does good job .

Unfortunatelly for me Han So Hee is a bit miscast. Like some I don’t really have problem with her physical appearance. You can see that both she and crew worked really hard to create pretty realistic action scenes. I was actually astonished how well her fighting scenes end up because most k-dramas actress look awkrawd while fighting (their moves often lack of strength and brutality).

But I don’t think her acting style matches well with type of her role in My name. Stoic characters require from actors good face acting especially they should be able to express details with eyes. And this is not really Han So Hee’s strength . You can only notice detailed change of expression in full face close up (like scenes when she kills Gang Jae or Tae-Ju) but in most this is not well shown (especially it is obvious when Pil-Do recalls all clues when her behaviour signified that she is a spy). Also theoretically there were around 3-4 highlighted moments when Ji-Woo should change as character (teenage part/ police-spy/ finding-out the truth/death of Pil-Do) but for me this is not well emphasized. There is no much difference between Ji-Woo kicking her schoolmates’ ass and Hye-Jin beating gangsters.

And this is one of reasons why Han So Hee seems to be overshadowed by Park Hee Soon. Not only he gives the best performance in the drama but also his role is the best written. That’s why I wonder if Ji-Woo is actually main character in My name. Because Mu-Jin’s twisted mind, morale dilemmas are much more interesting, complicated and viewers can feel deeper emotional connection with bad guy. In comparison with him Ji-Woo is presented quite shallowly for main character and she is to the end his puppet. Even ending is kind like he wanted.

It is a bit a pity that they didn’t cast actress which could play with this kind role double concerto with Park Hee Soon (like his co-star in The witch:the subversion Kim Da Mi). This way My name could be much more interesting despite of cliche story. It is well made drama but at the same time kind forgettable because of the plot. Still it is worth to recommend to fans of action genre.

5/5 - (5 votes)

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