The Policeman’s Lineage

Park Kang Yun is the head of the investigation team that deals with serious crimes. His team has an unparalleled record of arrests.
He prioritizes arrests, not hesitating to use illegal methods.

Choi Min Jae is a rookie policeman. He is a man of principle.

In order to obtain a secret document about his deceased father, he accepts the assignment given by Hwang In Ho , which is to secretly monitor Park Kang Yun and gather information about his illegal dealings.

He then joins Park Kang Yun ‘s team .

 Special Delivery

“I deliver everything that the postal service does not take care of”. Eun-ha, who is an ordinary junkyard employee, secretly works as a delivery girl who handles unusual delivery orders.

 Sound of Millennium, Rebirth

“Sound of Millenium, Rebirth” is a performance commemorating the reopening, congratulating the ‘New Start’ with a presentation of three new songs.

 Sewing Sisters

“Sewing Sisters,” co-directed by Kim Jung-young and Lee Hyuk-rae centers around three women who used to work for textile companies at Peace Market in the 1970s.

 The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

We are in the Joseon era . Wu Mu Chi and his group of bandits flee from the Korean Royal Army after stealing their belongings. Near the end, they are rescued by a pirate crew, led by Hae Rang . A woman, young and beautiful, but strong and smart enough to captain a male crew.
Together, they will go in search of the last and most important royal treasure remaining from this era.

During this adventure, they will face great mysteries and come face to face with other people who are just as interested in this treasure.

 Trot Is Life

A comedy that follows the group Trot Shinhwa (Kim Kyung Jin, Kim Dong Chan) and budding idol Ji Won, whom nothing intended to work together and yet…

Trot singers Shinhwa have a lot of worries. No matter how many times they work and release a new song, the world only discovers trot singers from Mr. Trot or Miss Trot, but there is no place for their group Shinhwa.

 Blooming Over The Night

blooming over the night

 Pastor Moon Ik Hwan was born in 1918 in the village of independent activists in North Manchuria. He loses his childhood friends Yun Dong Ju and Chang Chun Ha to Japanese oppression during the Yusin regime. The pastor survived modern Korean history and gives hope to all who are suffering.

Kim Dae Jung Again

kim dae again

 Documentary on the career of Kim Dae Jung, the opponent of Park Chung Hee of the Democratic Republican Party during the presidential elections. He lost in 1971 and led a pro-democracy movement against the regime of Park Chung Hee from the United States, Japan and other countries.



 A politician dreams of changing the world with a strategic campaign. Also dreaming of changing the world, Seo Chang Dae takes part in Kim Woo Beom’s political campaign. In order to fight against the dictatorial rules of the party, Seo adopts a very aggressive campaign attitude and this allows Kim to become the best opposition candidate. But when the ambitious Seo thinks unwarranted means are needed to play politics, Kim has a strong belief that it’s not real politics.

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