Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen Isabella is the deuteragonist of the story and the former queen of the demon tribe. She was betrayed by one of her servants and lost her demonic powers. She is currently hiding amongst the humans while learning swordsmanship and magic at the Royal Academy under the name of Yi Bei. She is also married to Ascian

  • Titre original : Wo Lao Po Shi Mo Wang Da Ren / 我老婆是魔王大人
  • Origine : Chine Chine – 2019
  • Type : Manhua
  • Webcomic : Oui
  • Genres : Aventure – Fantasy – Romance
  • Auteur : rong rong (manhuajia)
  • Nb chapitres VO : 279 (En cours)

Started reading this mahawa about a year back and kept up with the chapters since. One thing you’ll always notice on the newest chapter is the lower image quality and the really bad grammar. But when 10 chapters go by I go back and revisit the old chapters, They always throw a fresh code of paint once every few weeks, making the image an higher quality and fixing almost all of the grammar and text issues. All of this is coming form the site I use (Recommend ad blocker).

The story hooks the reader by being an Isekai. It’s a pretty good one at that. You’ll notice as you read they’ll have these arks, as time goes things will become more tense. Think about dealing with grunts at first to than fighting a god in the span of a few hundred chapters (Some what). As of chapter 363 on 5/5/22 The seris seems to be coming to and end. I feel as the seris ran on, especially end game things got easier. Such as I feel the battle against the a demi god (Corpse Pillar) was much more intense then the fight against the women who stole the demon queens power (Lillia).

Also if this is really the end Huge wasted potential on the regent (The mf who planed it all). If your read the epilog don’t except much from it. They made very few use of the power strength scaling of the enemies. There’s much more story that I have left out of the review. If you have any questions about the Manhawa leave a comment bellow.

r/manhwa - My Wife Is A Demon Queen Review (Slight Spoilers)
My Wife Is A Demon Queen Review

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