Lee Ha Na and Im Joo Hwan will star together in KBS’ upcoming Weekend Drama “Three Siblings Bravely”!

In short, the story

This animated family drama is about three siblings and follows the romance of Lee Sang Joon, the eldest son who got everything growing up. The story explains what happens when he falls in love with Kim Tae Joo, who is also the eldest of the siblings but grew up sacrificing everything for his family.

Lee Ha Na will play the role of Kim Tae Joo, the eldest of the Kim family, who has a big heart and a warm embrace. However, she willingly screams when angry, and she unhesitatingly brushes off people she hates.

Lee Ha Na impressed viewers with his outstanding performances in “Voice,” “King of High School,” “A Piece of Your Mind,” and more, and Drama fans can look forward to his comeback on the small screen.

Im Joo Hwan, who showed strong acting skills in “The Game: Towards Zero,” “The Great Show,” and “Different Dreams,” will play the role of Lee Sang Joon, the eldest son of the Lee family. Thanks to his sensitivity and excellent imagination, he is considered a top star with a smart brain. He has always been treated like a prince, and he has an extraordinary love for his family.

Lee Sang Joon grew up to be an actor who earned a lot of money and paid off his family’s debts, but one day he has an accident while filming and ends up in the hospital where he finds Kim Tae Joo, his first love. from primary school.

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“Three Siblings Bravely” will air in the second half of this year, following the conclusion of “It’s Beautiful Now“.


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