Blockbuster “Carter” with Joo Woo
Korean Film I Action Thriller I Duration 2h13
Official Release: August 5, 2022

Joo Won is undergoing a radical transformation for his role in the upcoming blockbuster “Carter”.

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The story, in brief

The upcoming Netflix Original Korean film is an action-spy blockbuster starring Joo Won as Carter , a highly trained secret agent who wakes up with his slate of memories wiped clean. Driven by what seems to be fate, he ends up being involved in the operation of his life.

The action and the actor

Following his casting confirmation last March, here’s the latest update on the incredible transformation the actor has undergone for the role. To begin with, he put on a total of seven kilograms (about 15.4 pounds) of muscle. He also underwent intensive training for three to four months to perform stunts and action scenes, including car chases and the handling of motorcycles.

These efforts can be seen in newly released stills from the upcoming film, one of which shows Carter pointing a gun while the other shows him covered in blood. Viewers will have to wait to see how these moments play out in Carter’s mission to return safe and sound with the only girl in the world who carries the antibody against a catastrophic virus.

After impressing viewers with his action hero transformation in his latest drama “Alice,” Joo Won will once again prove his acting abilities in this new film, which will be helmed by director Jung Byung Gil of “The Villainess” and “Confession of Murder”.

Director Jung Byung Gil said:

 “[Joo Won] is fast when it comes to understanding the action. Of all the male actors I’ve seen, he’s the best for action scenes. He is visually handsome and has a beautiful body. »

The trailer

Since it exists in fr I put it in fr

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“Carter” will premiere on August 5.

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